How to Keep Your Coffee Warm

For coffee drinkers, there is little better than settling into a project at work or a good book with a hot brew nearby to keep motivated and refreshed. On cold days, a hot coffee can serve as such a comfort against the chilly weather. However, frustrating interruptions often occur when ten minutes into an activity, the drinker finds that his or her coffee is no longer at a satisfyingly warm temperature. Rather than disturbing concentration or leisure time and running to the microwave each time the coffee gets cold, here are a few methods on maintaining that perfect coffee level of heat.

Preheat Everything

preheat everythingConcerning the coffee drinkers that love additives like milk or cream, here is where the microwave comes in handy. While the coffee is brewing or the kettle is boiling, pour the desired amount of cream or milk into a container and heat it in the microwave to a hot temperature. Because milk and cream are stored in the fridge, they can majorly affect the temperature when added to freshly hot coffee. However, heating the milk or cream first will instead greatly increase the amount of time one’s coffee stays warm. Further, if drinking instant coffee, consider using boiled water heated on the stove or in a kettle rather than water heated in the microwave. By boiling the water, a higher temperature can be obtained more easily and thus the coffee itself will be hot enough to last a reasonable amount of time.

Use an Insulated Travel Mug

This particular hack is practical for coffee that is not intended to be consumed straight away.  Perhaps one needs the coffee to last the commute so that he or she may enjoy it at work. Or maybe the coffee is being saved for after other tasks are completed. Regardless of the need, insulated travel mugs are ideal for keeping coffee hot for longer periods of time. Usually made from metal or glass, insulated travel mugs work by absorbing the heat. The double insulated walls of the mug mean that cold air is locked out. Additionally, as most travel mugs come with lids, this helps to prevent heat from escaping. Researching reviews of insulated mugs online will commonly let the consumer know how long the liquid stays hot inside. Often, insulated mugs can keep the beverage warm for hours. But if waiting for that boost of caffeine proves too difficult, simply removing the lid will cause the coffee to cool to a more drinkable temperature.  Insulated coffee mugs are great for outdoor use as well. On particularly cold days, while being used during out of door activities like camping or walking, the insulated coffee mugs will provide added protection to the liquid inside that traditional paper or glass mugs would fail to do.  It should also be noted the durability of most travel mugs. Because of their metal or porcelain make, insulated travel mugs can withstand daily wear and tear and ultimately last long term.

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Use a Thermal Carafe

carafeOne of the most convenient ways of keeping coffee hot is by using a carafe. Typically, the coffee can be brewed straight into the carafe. This means that the leftover coffee will not only be kept on a maintained heat level, but it will also be automatically stored. With the introduction of single-serving coffee makers, drip coffee makers often seem like things of the past. But for the big coffee-drinker that is aware of how many cups he or she can drink in a single morning, coffee makers with carafes are a great investment. A heating pad under the carafe keeps the coffee hot for as long as the maker is still switched on. This will enable the drinkers to slowly enjoy their beverage without fear that their freshly brewed coffee is cooling down. However, those that do own single-serving coffee makers should not worry that they are excluded from the benefit of carafes. Carafes may be purchased individually, and many come with insulation that works to keep coffee warm without the heating pad. When using a carafe with single-serve makers, one must simply transfer a few servings of coffee into the carafe. An additional version of a carafe is the French press. Generally made of glass that holds heat, the French press is another great way of directly making and storing coffee. As well as providing insulation, carafes are also portable. Thus, cup after cup can be poured right from one’s desk or nearby table.

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Use a Desktop Mug Warmer

Arguably, the simplest way of maintaining coffee’s temperature is by using a desktop mug warmer. While being the same concept as heating pads on coffee makers, desktop mug warmers are smaller and can be used wherever there is a plug outlet nearby the user. Once the coffee is made, the cup can rest on top of the mug warmer. Heat will then be transferred up through the bottom of the mug. As there is a steady flow of heat being applied to the beverage, this will allow the consumer to drink the coffee on his or her own time. Desktop mug warmers are a convenient option for people needing to be more stationary with their task at hand.

Coffee is best enjoyed when it is savored, but the speed of how fast coffee cools down often limits the experience to a certain time frame. However, with the help of these aforementioned methods that prevent the waste of time and liquid, the avid drinker can now appreciate the coffee experience in its entirety.  Because each of these coffee temperature hacks are simple to carry out or adjust to, the coffee drinker need not worry about being inconvenienced. Comparatively, cold coffee is an annoyance that is difficult to ignore. Furthermore, all of the products listed are available at department stores and online markets. Reading reviews of each product will provide the consumer with insight on which product performs best and yields the most effective results. Because of the various resources available, maintaining a hot coffee no longer needs to be a common issue.

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