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What Is A Milk Frother ?

One thing a lot of people look forward to when they go to a coffee shop is the tasty frothed milk that is usually served on the top of a coffee cup. This is possible because of a new technology that can instantly make your milky beverages at home or your workplace. Most milk frothers on the market are easy to use. Right now, there are different models of milk frother that you can choose from, some are handheld while others are motorized. While there are other devices that froth your milk and warm them at the same time.

In this article, we are going to provide all the essential information you need to be acquainted with regards to milk steamers and frothers.

What are a milk frother and steamer ?

brevilleA Milk frother can easily be described as a gadget that is used for making foamy milk that is usually found on top of most beverages in coffee shops. Each and every frother you will find on the market basically does the same thing; it rapidly aerates milk by introducing air into a milky beverage in a swift manner. This rapid process will ultimately make the volume of the milk to increase and its texture to become lighter and at the same time giving it a more refined and sweeter taste. The end result is a foamy mixture that sometimes limits the strong flavors in coffee and cappuccino.

Unlike milk steamers, milk frothers are not expensive or complicated to use. You can easily use the handheld milk frother in your kitchen to make foamy and delicious milk that you can add to your coffee or cappuccino.

Next, we are going to be looking at a milk steamer. Basically, a milk steamer is a gadget that pressurizes steam to create slightly foamy milk. The working process of a milk steamer leads to the breaking down of the fat in milk and as the milk is broken down it is stirred, which leads to the production of uniform bubble of air in the milk. This uniformity is scientifically known as a micro-foam.

Steam milk is loved by a lot of people because of its sweet and captivating taste which is unlike others you might have tasted. The only caveat with the milk steamer is that they are expensive and may require additional equipment like a thermometer and a pitcher.

What is the difference between a milk frother and a milk steamer ?

Obviously, you now know what a milk frother and a milk steamer is, as well as their working principle. Next, we are going to be looking at some differences between these two.

At a first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between the milk toppings produced by a milk frother and a steamer. But if you peer deeper, you will find a couple of differences between these two.

For starter, milk steamer produces heavy, dense and foamy milk, while the milk frother produces light and foamy milk. The reason for this difference is due to the fact that the milk steaming process does not give room for a lot of air to be absorbed.

Milk frothing, on the other hand, produces a lighter foamy milk because a lot of air is trapped during the frothing process.  Another difference between these two is the temperature of milk they accommodate. Cold milk is used when preparing a steamed milk, so as to prevent the milk from getting too hot. Most of the time it takes 20 to 60 seconds to steam the milk. When it comes to milk frothing cold milk can be used.

Why you should get a milk frother or steamer ?

Almost everybody loves a cup of warm coffee. Amazingly, frothed or steamed milk can take your coffee drinking experience to a whole new level. You see, you don’t have to wait until you get to a coffee shop to enjoy the foamy and delicious milk on top of your coffee drink. Getting a frother or a steamer will give you the opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy your favorite beverage even more.

Another reason why you should consider getting either a milk steamer or frother is due to the constant changes in time and seasons. In the summer you might find it easy and even exciting to go to your favorite coffee shop to get a cappuccino or other beverages you may love. But during the winter season, going outside your house to a coffee shop can be very daunting. So if you have a milk frother or steamer you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverage in the comfort of your home.

Lastly, you may never know when you are going to have a guest or a relative who loves coffee or cappuccino, so if you have these products, you will be able to forge a smile out of the faces of your guest.

Types of milk frothers and steamers

Milk steamer and frothers usually are of different shapes and sizes with amazing side features and capabilities. So, we are going to look at some types of milk frother and steamer you can find on the market.

Kuissential1. The handheld milk frothers

A lot of people call this the milk frothing wand because of its shape. The handheld milk frothers are the easiest to use and they are often powered by a battery. They possess no steaming feature and they are best used when you need toppings for a few cups of coffee.



Manual Milk Frother2. The manual milk frothers

If you need to prepare toppings for a couple of hot beverages like- cappuccino, coffee or latte. The kind of milk frother that will be suitable for this is the manual milk frother. This is obviously because they are wide and they have an elegant cylindrical pot and a cap with a pump. To use it, you first have to pour your desired amount of milk into it and place it on a heat source. Within a few minutes the milk will get hot, what you is a homogenized creamy and soft foam.



Epica3. The electric milk frothers & steamer

This is a very sophisticated machine that steams and frothers milk simultaneously. They usually come in a range of sizes with amazing features.  They can be used to steam milk within a matter of seconds. All you have to do is pour your desired quantity of milk into it and let it steam until you are satisfied. The electric steamer is a preferred option for those who want a perfect taste and a homogenized texture of their toppings. The only problem with the electrical steamer is that they cannot function without electricity. Apart from that, they are the best milk steamer you can find on the market.




What to consider when you choose these frother and steamer

Before you head out to the mall or visit an online shop to purchase a milk frother and steamer that catches your eyes, there are some important factors you must first consider.

1. Capacity

The capacity of a milk steamer or frother simply means the amount of frothed milk they can produce without any hindrance or issues. A lot of electric frothers on the market come with a large container that can hold comfortably two or three glass of milk at a time. Still, there are some on the market that can only hold one cup of milk at a time. So, before you make a purchase, consider your needs carefully.

2. Ease to use

It is best you go for a steaming and frothing machine that is easy to operate especially if you don’t have time to master the settings of some of the high tech milk frothing and steaming machine on the market. When you go for something simple you will hardly run into any complication when preparing toppings for your beverages.

3. Special features

As discussed earlier, the simplicity of a milk frothing machine is a very important factor to consider. But at the same time if you are a person who loves to try out new things or to experiment, then go for a milk frothing and steaming machine that posses some cool feature that can aid you in making different recipes.

4. Price

Price is also a very important thing to consider especially when you have a very limited budget. Of course, there are a lot of cheap and low-quality milk steamers on the market, so, endeavour to be on the lookout for these ones. And try to get one with a reasonable price and quality.

We have researched the top 5 best milk frother in another post. Click the link to have a suitable frother.

Espresso Grinder Reviews of 2018

Why the grinder is important

According to common experiences all coffee lovers and enthusiasts, besides their personal skill and good quality ingredients they use, an essential if not the most important component of espresso making is the grinder. There is no other way around that.

Most people claim that they can make a better espresso with a cheap grinder and a cheap espresso machine, than they ever could if they only used the best and most expensive espresso machine, without the grinder.

The secret seems to lie in the process of extraction, because coffee beans go through a very rough and high intensity treatment. In the process of making an espresso, for instance, coffee beans are exposed to a 135 pound water pressure per square inch to extract the coffee under 30 seconds, which is very harsh. Other appliances like percolators or moka pots can’t do that.

But, no matter the quality and the intensity of the espresso machine, everyone still agrees that using the grinder is essential to making a good and tasty shot of espresso. Thousands of reviews and feedbacks all agree that the key for a good extraction is to have your coffee beans ground to a specific particle size, before they are put in the machine. According to the enthusiasts, this is the only way to ensure you will make the most out of your high quality beans, and produce a heavenly shot of espresso.

Best Espresso Grinders of 2017

Low End ChampionBaratza Coffee GrinderBaratza VirtuosoBuyFromAmazon
Middle Priced RecommendationRancilio Espresso Coffee GrinderRancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon
High End ChampionMacap M4BuyFromAmazon
High End ChampionMazzer Coffee GrinderMazzer MiniBuyFromAmazon

Budgeting for the grinder

I have come to the conclusion that you should spend at least $ 200 on your grinder, and not less. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a $ 200 espresso machine, you should spend at least the same amount on the grinder. But, if you want to go higher, you can scale your budget like this:

If you want to spend a total of $500, reserve $200 to $250 for the grinder, and $250 to $300 for the machine. And, if you even want to go higher, the difference can get bigger, but never go under $ 200, because you need and should purchase at least a decent device for this essential part of coffee making.

What to look for

In order to know your way around purchasing or researching about good coffee bean grinders, you should get familiar with the terminology. I will first explain the meaning of some terms like: doser, stepped, stepless, micro adjustment, timers, flat, conical, etc…

  • Stepless vs. stepped

Most grinders allow you to choose the size of the coffee particles and the intensity of the grind, and thus they are called ‘stepped’, because you can choose between various grinding steps. For instance, Baratza Maestro is a coffee grinder with 40 different available steps, while the most expensive Anfim Super Caimano Ti grinder offers 80 different steps, ranging from medium to powder (Turkish) grind.

On the other hand, grinders that do not offer a variety of steps are called “stepless”, and it means the sections are not preset, as with stepped. The differences between different grinds can be incredibly small, like 5 to 10 microns.

On some stepples grinders, like Mazzers and Compaks, the grinding process is regulated with the use of resistive collars that keep the grinders stable, while their incredibly strong force can be applied in different ways, controlled by the user, to produce either finer or coarser grind. Some grinders of this type use a gearing system that allows the user to change the burr height. They are popularly called ‘worm gear’ grinders.

The second method these stepless grinders have is the system of micro and micro adjustments. A good example is the Baratza Vario (and Virtuoso Preciso system, which is coming soon) thet offer you to choose to set up for either big jump grinding, or smaller as Baratza.

This system allows the Vario grinder to have an approximate range of 240 different grinding results, but contrary to the first stepless system, it is much easier to remember the grinding setting here. You can then easily shift between different settings without worrying about going back to the one you already used.

  • Doser vs. doserless

The doser chamber is something used since the 1920s-1950s era, when it was considered to be essential for the espresso quality. This technology of filling the doser chamber with ground coffee remains even today, even though it should go away, but in return there has seen some nice improvements. Anfim and Compax grinders are good examples of this. They have a nice filter basket for your coffee, putting all of it into an even mound.

Other grinders are doserless, meaning your coffee goes directly into the portafilter. Baratza does essentially the same thing by using a portaholder, which means it belongs in the doserless cathegory.

This doserless method is appealing, but may leave you with a lot of mess on the counter.

  • Conical and flat burrs

Although the question of which is better is still left without an answer, because both types produce a good cut for espresso brewing, there are some notable differences.

For instance, conical burrs have a larger cutting surface and spin slower and as a result do not heat up the coffee so much., but the flat burr models also have methods to reduce this.

  • Timers

There are various different types of times used on grinders. Baratza Maestro Plus and Virtuoso for instance use simple mechanical timers. K3 Touch has a more advanced mechanical timer, while Anfim Super Caimano and Baratza Vario have digital timers.

The truth is that advanced timers are better because they do not waste any time or coffee. Proof of this is Vario or Anfim, which grind an amount perfectly in accordance with your setting. Just set it and forget it.

The main benefits of this is the money saving, because the less coffee and time you waste, the more you get out of your grinder. A busy café could, if using the Anfim Super Caimano grinder, save up to 400g of coffee daily, because of its advanced timer and doser. 400g daily roughly pays of the grinder investment in about one year time. And, if used only at home, it still lets you have more shots than usual, again saving you money in the long run.

Low End Champion – Baratza Virtuoso

The Baratza brand is very well known in the coffee making business, especially because of their high quality grinders.Baratza Coffee Grinder

  • 40 steps

In order to determine if you prefer ‘stepped’ or ‘stepless’ grinders, you will probably have to try out both and decide for yourself, which can end up being costly.

But, to understand the difference is not that hard. ‘Stepped’ grinders have a range of grinding settings, let’s say from 0 to 40. The 0 represents a very fine grind (for espresso) while the 40 stands for a very coarse grind (French press coffee).

You will naturally have to find your own perfect desired setting, which is often considered as a rite of passage in coffee making.

This is why most enthusiasts recommend the previously mentioned grinder Virtuoso, which has 40 steps, giving you ample room for learning and experimenting.

Another advantage of the ‘stepped’ system is the also mentioned easy remember feature, because you can easily revert the setting to a previously used one, after you’ve experimented and perhaps didn’t like the new result. On the other hand, ‘stepless’ grinders will require you to be very skilled at this part of the process.

  • Professional grinder

There is a very distinct and well defined difference between coffee grinders for home use and those for professional use. And, by professional use we mean grinders that can withstand working all day, around the clock, 24 / 7, grinding all the time.

For instance, the Virtuoso is somewhere around $ 200, which is a decent amount of money, but also fair. It does a good, decent job, but it is in our opinion not well suited for professional use, even though it is labeled as such often.

But, its quality really is impeccable, no question about it. Its DC motor has been put to the test many times and the feedback is excellent.
What we mean by this is that if you are truly looking for a professional grinder, you will probably need to pay much more than $ 200.

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Middle Priced Recommendation – Rancillo Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

  • Espresso grinder for the home

Rancilio Espresso Coffee GrinderThere is nothing wrong with being serious and enthusiastic about homemade coffee. You have a right to allow yourself the pleasure of having first grade cappuccino in your home, made by yourself, for yourself or your guests, that has an astonishing taste and leaves you in that rich state of being awake.

An excellent suggestion for those purpose is the Rocky grinder, which already has a steady reputation for being the best in such things.
The Rocky may not be the cheapest one out there, its performance and coffee making quality easily place it in a higher grinder quality league.




  • Rocky settings – Grinding For Drip, Espresso, French Press

The Rocky grinder is know n to have virtually the best grinding capability out there. It can cover everything from fine espresso grind, to coarse drip coffee grind.

This makes it a perfect choice for everyone, as it almost has no weaknesses. There have been reports that its grind is not that strong when going for a coarse blend, but that’s disputable.

It is a perfect choice for either beginners, or experienced coffee enthusiasts everywhere. The recommended setting is 5 to 10 for espresso, and about 25 for the French Press.

Please take note that your coffee taste also depends on various other factors, like coffee beans and water quality, and many others. Also, your own taste and desires come into play, so there simply can not be the correct way of doing this. As the latin saying goes – De gustibus non est disputandum.

  • A quiet & cool operation

As previously mentioned, the higher the grinder’s power is the better its performance gets. The Rocky, for instance, has a powerful 166 W drive motor, which gives it a lot of power and in turn allows for a quiet and cool operation, and eventually leads to better coffee taste.

More power means more efficiency, which also means less noise during the grinding process.

Additionally, a powerful motor enables the grinder to work with less strain, which in turn means it will heat up much less. This means it will heat up your beans less, which also contributes to a better coffee taste.

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High End Champions

Macap M4

Now, when we talk about grinders for professional and commercial use, the Macap M4 is highly recommended, but it can also naturally serve you well for home usage.

  • The Worm Drive Advantage

As mentioned before, grinders with worm gears allow you to freely search for subtle settings, using the handle. This enables the user to adapt to any type of grind, meaning you can adapt to all demands making this the perfect choice for let’s say a small café, where you can have this one grinder serving all kinds of different needs of the customers.

If you are using it in your home, you will probably find a few favorable settings and use those more frequently, but it will still allow you to explore your own taste in greater depths.

  • Micro-Dosing

Compared to the Mazzer Mini, the Macap M4 has an advantage because it has pie-shaped areas in the dosing chamber. They are used to make it easier for you to pour in conventional amount of coffee beans, but you can of course doe as much as you see fit.This is another way of giving you flexibility in creating your own blend and taste.

  • Mazzer Hopper Swap Advantage

Compared to the Macap M4, the Mazzer grinder has some advantages of its own. It gives you the option to swap its hopper for something larger, contrary to the Macap.

The MACAP has a much broader line of grinders, and thus the M4 limits you to the M series size of hopper, while the Mazzer doesn’t offer many different models, but they are in turn much more adaptable. They both have a 1.3 pound hopper initially.

IF you are pairing your MACAP M4 with a Rocket Cellini espresso machine, you can choose to get the MACAP with the same stainless housing ad match it with the Rocket, giving them both a great and professional look and style.

The bottom line is that the Macap M4 Doser Adjustable Coffee Grinder is highly recommended for all professional and home uses. It is adaptable and highly customizable due to its worm drive, and paired with its excellent quality gives you a grinder you won’t consider changing for a long time.

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Mazzer Mini

Mazzer Coffee GrinderIn the espresso making industry world, the name Mazzer is considered synonymous with espresso. If you are truly an espresso fan, then it is not accident you came across this article.

  • Usability

The first impression you will get when you look at the Mazzer Mini is that it is a professional grinder, for sure. Its initial potential is 1.3 pounds of beans, with an option of enlarging its hopper. Also, it has a powerful motor with a lower rpm, meaning it will not heat up your beans in the process, contributing further to great taste.

It is a steppless grinder, allowing you high versatility in adapting to your own style and taste, or to that of your customers. ‘Steps’ are preset modes of grinding, ranging from fine to coarse, but a ‘steppless’ grinder allows more freedom in finding your own mode.

  • The Doser

The doser question is something still not answered in the coffee making industry. When we carefully look at the pros and cons of grinders with and without the doser, it seems to come down to the question of its purpose. If you are purchasing a grinder for commercial use, then you will surely benefit from having a predetermined dosage feature, while if you are a home user you probably won’t need this.

At home, you will naturally use smaller quantities of coffee beans, so you won’t have coffee grounds waiting and going stale.

With that said, it is important to note that the Mazzer Mini can optionally come without a dozer, though this means a higher price in most online shops.

It is worth the effort to explore various methods of improving the quality of work of your grinder, and personalizing its performance.
DIY adaptations are done by some people, but you must think carefully before doing any tinkering with your $700+ machine, because it will most definitely render your warranty invaluable.

In truth, the Mazzer Mini has advantages that outnumber its disadvantages by a huge margin. The general feedback and experience people have with this grinder state that in most cases the problems occur with machine break down due to irregular use, nothing else.

So, the only choice you should really consider is to dose or not to dose. So, dozer or no dozer, pick your color and you are set for a long time with this 5 STAR grinder!

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How To Froth Milk At Home

If you are a passionate lover of lattes and cappuccinos, you most definitely tried or thought about making them at home. The truth is that almost every kitchen has a tool or two needed to froth milk and make a homemade cappuccino.

What You Need to Know

Different types of milk yield different foams, which is essential to understanding the making process.

Non-fat or skimmed milk is the type best suited for your first attempts, because it yields the largest foams easily. The downside is that foam gained from non-fat or skimmed milk will not taste as good as the foam gained from other types of milk with more fat.

Also, other types of milk like organic, lactose free, soy, or similar types should not be used because their pasteurization process is  different compared to that of a classic milk, and thus these types do not froth well.

The best type of milk you should use is fresh cold milk, no more than five days old.

The best frothing results are gained by using 2% fat milk at about 150-155F. You should always do the frothing process immediately after you take you milk out of the fridge, and wait as little as possible, because the more the milk stays at room temperature, the less foam you will get.

BlenderBottle – Less Shaking With a Little Helper

Blender BottleUsing BlenderBottle instead of a milk jug has a few advantages. First of all, the BlenderBottle has a much larger and wider opening than the milk jug. You will lose less foam when pouring, and it is also easier to clean.

Also, the BlenderBottle has a nice addition called the BlenderBall, which is perfect for mixing and making shakes, dressings, and foam.

Again, please take not to still use fresh cold milk, right out of the fridge. Simply pour it and mix until you see the foam is ready. This type of foam should not be heated up afterwards in the microwave, as some other types can be.

If you do not have the BlenderBottle however, there are a few tricks you can use.

The first one is to use a tea ball infuser with any shaker bottle. Just put the tea ball in, pour the milk, and shake until you get your desired results.

Hand Blender or Whisk – Creamy Foam Without Breaking A Sweat

Hand BlenderYou can also use a whisk or a plain hand blender to froth milk. The best results are gained if you use a narrow container for the milk that is still large enough for the foam rising.

The hand blender should be used in a manner where you carefully and slowly rise and lower it during the frothing process. The process should always make that distinct fizzling sound, which means the air and the milk are mixing, and the process is complete when you get approximately double the initial contents of container.

This foam can and should be heated in your microwave, if you have one, before pouring it in your espresso.





How To Froth Milk With A French Press

French PressThe best type of milk to use is cold, full fat milk. Hot, warm, or even room temperature milk will not yield the best results, and low fat milk foam does not taste as rich as full fat one.

You should never exceed the maximum line indicator on the carafe when pouring milk, because your foam can splash out, but you also shouldn’t go too far below the line either.

After you’ve poured the milk in and started frothing, hold the small knob at the top of the plunger and pump it up and down as you froth. Do the pumping with quick and vigorous momentum, but nothing too fast and crazy.

The frothing process should take about 30 seconds approximately, but a good rule of thumb is to gain foam that is double the amount of the initial milk poured in.

After the frothing is finished remove the plunger and place the carafe in your microwave. If there is excess foam on the plunger, tap it off back into the rest of the foam, so that it does not go to waste.

It goes without saying that the plunger is not to be left in and heated up in the microwave. Make sure you are using a glass carafe, and check the indicators to see if it is safe for the microwave process. Put the microwave on high temperature and leave it in for about 30 seconds or less, depending on the power of your oven.

After the heating is over, you should get the froth that is stiff, with fine bubbles and a silky feel. This means it won’t melt easily and it will stay on longer, preferably until the last sip of your coffee.

The correct way of pouring the froth into your coffee should be done carefully, using a spoon to hold the froth at first so that the milk comes out first. Then, after you’ve poured enough milk, remove the spoon and let the froth come down too. Sweeten your coffee to suite your desire before you pour the froth.

Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherThis is the simplest and easiest way of making milk froth at home, for this appliance has the settings for your desired foam types. If you want a creamy froth, choose the latte setting. Or, if you want more foam, set it to the cappuccino. Pour your milk in and select the desired temperature, because this device will also heat up your foam, meaning you will not need to use the microwave. The device will stop working automatically after it reaches the selected temperature. You can make froth for up to three cups of coffee.

I have a post of Top 5 Best Milk Frother. You will find out what is the best milk frother and why.

My Conclusion About Frothing

I’ve ranked all these devices and methods by the quality of the foam they produce, and by convenience.

The automatic electric milk frother would be the winner obviously, but it is not something most people have at home, because it is a professional appliance mostly seen in cafes or restaurants.

So, if we only count those methods most people can easily have and do at home, the French Press comes at number one. The hand whisk method is at number two, but it is more likely that everyone has it at home, though the French Press is no hard to come by.
Both these methods produce a foam that is smooth and has tiny micro bubbles.

The BlenderBottle is at number three, because its foam is not that perfect, but it still is smooth and creamy.

Milk Froth Vs. Steamed Milk – Is There A Difference?

Although both types of milk are used for improving the taste of your coffee, there are large differences between steamed and frothed milk.
The process can be made using the same or similar tools, but the process is different, and there lies the difference.

Frothed milk has much more air and bubbles, and is naturally lighter, while steamed milk has less air, is heavier and denser, and as a result does not have much froth. More milk is consumed for steamed milk, while frothed milk yields at least three times the amount of the initial amount.

These differences of course mean that they are used for different types of beverages.

Top 5 Best Burr Grinders For French Press

The most common question I hear when discussing coffee grinders for French Press is, why do I need the best?  After all, there are many quality grinders to choose from that can get the job done.

In short, if you want a perfectly balanced cup of joe, you need the best burr grinder available.  And given all the choices out there, it’s easy to wind up with a coffee grinder that doesn’t deliver.

Take it from me.  As a geek from Coffee Gear Lab, I’ve researched most of the grinders on the market.  And I’ve put together this post to make it easier for you to find your best option.

What Is a Conical Burr Grinder? And How Is It Different From Other Coffee Grinders?

The conical burr grinder gives you the most flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.  This is because the conical grinder works more slowly than other grinders.  In so doing, it grinds your coffee beans with greater consistency and better preserves the oils and aromas contained in the beans.

What’s the best grind size for French Press coffee?

In order to make the best French Press, you need to grind the beans so that they are coarse, but not too coarse.  If it’s too coarse, you will get a weak cup of coffee because much of the flavor will remain trapped.

But if you grind it up too finely, when you brew the coffee it will accumulate in your mesh filter and clog it up.  You don’t want to deal with a clogged filter because it’s harder to press and causes coffee spills and even breakages.  And worse, the extra resistance could make the mesh filter rip open and flood your cup of coffee with a mass of coffee grind.

In addition, if your grind is too fine it will sneak through the mesh filter and saturate your cup of coffee, even if the mesh doesn’t rip open.  On top of being annoying, this will make your coffee brew overtime and taste bitter.

The key is to make it just coarse enough so that the coffee grind gets completely caught by the mesh filter when you brew the coffee and you are able to capture the most flavor.  In order to attain this with many quality grinders, just set it to medium or higher, or select something above the drip setting.

So let’s get to my list of the best burr grinders.

Best Burr Grinders For French Press

#1Mazzer Coffee GrinderMazzer Mini Espresso GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#2Rancilio Espresso Coffee GrinderRancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#3Baratza Coffee GrinderBaratza 586 Virtuoso Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#4Capresso Coffee GrinderCapresso 560.01 Burr GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#5JavaPresse Manual Coffee GrinderJavaPresse Manual Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon

#1 Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Coffee GrinderSimply put, this is the very best coffee grinder for home use on the market, both for French Press, and for anything else.

The Mazzer Mini is a serious commercial grinder, but it’s small enough for home use.  It’s built like a tank, and every component is robust and replaceable.  This machine is designed to last a lifetime.

Though it’s perfect for French Press, it was designed with espresso in mind and features a doser on the front that dispenses coffee in single-shot amounts.  But you can simply adjust the dosing mechanism to control how much coffee comes out every time.

As for grinding, with the Mazzer Mini you will get a uniform grind.   It has stepless adjustment, so you simply twist right or left to determine how coarse you want it.

Considering how many people have upgraded from the Rancilo Rocky to the Mazzer Mini, feel free to skip the next item on my list and go ahead and order the Mazzer Mini.

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#2 Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Espresso Coffee GrinderThis is more low-end as far as commercial grinders go, and it offers incredible value.  It is one of the top grinders available for home use, and its price cannot be beat for such high quality.  On top of this, the Rancillo comes with a 2-year warranty.

It is a well-built machine that contains little plastic and stays firmly planted on your kitchen counter.

As with the Mazzer Mini, the Rancillo was designed with espresso in mind and therefore does not offer a particularly coarse grind.  But remember, to make the best French Press you only want it to be coarse enough, and you can achieve this delicate balance by setting the Rancillo to 25-30 on its 55 notch settings.

This grinder operates a little differently than other models in that it requires you to collect the grounds by placing a cup underneath the spout.  You set the process in motion by holding a switch – simple and elegant.

While the Rancillo is a fine product, it has its flaws.  The hopper is tinted to keep the beans fresh, but it isn’t airtight.  It also leaves some leftover grounds.  But don’t let this hold you back.  Since the beans do not travel very far, most of them can be removed just by tapping the sides or inserting a curved brush through the spout and into the machine.

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#3 Baratza 586 Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Baratza Coffee GrinderThe Baratza Virtuoso is one of my favorite choices.  It has a metal casing which makes it heavy, solid, and stable.  And yet it can easily be removed and cleaned, no hassle.

This machine features 40 different grind settings, affording you a wide array of choices.  You can make it fine enough for Turkish and espresso or keep it sufficiently coarse for French Press and drip.  In addition, you can easily switch the settings while you are brewing your coffee.  With the Baratza Virtuoso, you will get a consistently good grind for most brewing methods.  And it is refreshingly easy to use, even if you’re a newbie to brewing.

Any confusion or problems?  Head right over to the Baratza web site for detailed instructions on how to re-calibrate the grinder to ensure it works smoothly.


>>> Read the customer reviews of Baratza 586 Virtuoso Coffee Grinder


#4 Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder

Capresso Coffee GrinderIf you’re on a budget, this is your best bet from the bunch, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Capresso most consistently delivers an adequately coarse grind compared with anything you will find in this price range.  It’s a conical burr grinder and has a high torque, low-speed motor.  These mechanisms preserve the beans’ flavor by keeping them cool.  You will find no such combination of components in other grinders in this price range.

The Capresso also boasts an 8-½ ounce box to catch your grounds, so fear not if you wish to make larger French Presses.

Though a great deal, the Capresso is not perfect.  After you use it there will usually be a good deal of grind left in the chamber.  You can dislodge some of it by simply tapping and shaking, but if you want a great fresh brew every time you will need to clean the chamber after each use.  But don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes.

Personal tips: out of all 16 settings, set it at 13.  Also, as you open the grinder container you might find some grounds flying across your counter due to static.  This is standard for grinders at this price range.  To reduce this, just tap the sides, this will knock the grind back to where the bulk of the residue lies, and so less will pop out when you open it.

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#5 JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee GrinderThis nifty little gadget is a pleasure to use.  At a mere $25, this impressive little baby outperforms far more expensive blade grinders.  It is gorgeous, and the stainless steel look will make you want to bring it with you wherever you go.

But it really belongs in your kitchen.  And it can only be described as the French Press soul mate.  To be clear, this is not the right product if you’re looking for an espresso maker or a standard drip machine.  But when it comes to French Press it will deliver just the right coarseness of grind.  So long as you don’t mind putting in a little effort, this manual grinder is fun to use.

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5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Best Coffee Grinder For French Press


To make the best cup of coffee, you need a machine that will consistently grind up the coffee beans so that all the grains come out in the same size.

Cheaper grinders usually fail on this count.  For example, blade mills, which are typically found in cheaper grinders, use fast spinning blades that indiscriminately cut through any beans in its path.  This approach will leave you with uneven grains.

The burr grinder, on the other hand, methodically and evenly crushes beans with a high-torque, low-speed mechanism.  It also generates little heat, which preserves the coffee’s aroma.

But not all burr grinders are created equal.  Some are more geared towards fine grains and espressos, while others are designed to make a killer French Press with coarse grains.  And some can’t get the job done altogether, since they produce an uneven grind.


The noise comes from two sources—the burr and the motor.  The burr makes noise as it grinds the coffee beans, and the motor loudly rotates.  The lower the speed at which the burr grinds and the motor rotates, the less noise.  When it comes to noise, manual coffee grinders are your best choice.


The process of grinding up beans causes static to build up in the grains, which can consequently come flying out at you when you open the chamber to pour the coffee into your cup.  The more high-end models are built to reduce or eliminate this unpleasantness.

Leftover grounds

With some grinders there will be grains leftover in the chamber after use.  If you seek a great cup of joe you are advised to avoid reusing leftovers.


Keeping you grinder clean is essential to maintaining top grind quality and protecting the interior of the machine from damage.  The cleaner your grinder, the longer it will last.  For this reason it is advisable to find a grinder that can easily be removed.

We have a post listing Best Burr Grinders of 2018, check it out.

Hario Skerton Coffee Mill

Top 5 Best Manual Coffee Grinders Of 2017

There’s good coffee, and then there’s great coffee. What’s the difference? Fresh grounds. You’ve likely seen automatic coffee grinders on the market or at your local barista’s, but why spend twice what you have to when you can get a simple, elegant hand grinder?

Why Grind Coffee By Hand?

Manual grinders may seem trickier to use than an automatic grinder, but they can’t be beaten in terms of simplicity, portability, and ease of cleaning. You can even take it camping! And you’ll never have to worry about waking your family with this quiet alternative to a noisy automatic grinder.

For the coffee-loving traveler, a hand grinder is the perfect accessory. On the road, it can be hard to find a quality, fresh cup of coffee, especially if you’re on a budget. A small, easy-to-carry hand grinder means you can enjoy your own favorite brew in the comfort of your hotel room. And no electricity means no worrying about clunky voltage adapters during international travel.

Speaking of budgets, hand grinders are much more affordable than an automatic grinder. If part of your interest in home-brewed coffee is saving money, it just doesn’t make sense to drop $100 or more on an electric grinder, when you can get the same results at a fraction of the price.

For many busy people, that first morning cup of coffee may be their only “me” moment of the day. Hand grinders help you slow down and enjoy that moment, allowing you to savor the coffee-making process from bean to cup. Automatic grinders may be quick and easy, but once their 80-decibel racket (comparable to an alarm clock or passing diesel truck) wakes the kids, your coffee will probably be cold by the time you get back to it!

Best Manual Coffee Grinders

#1Hario Skerton Coffee MillHario Skerton Coffee MillBest Overall Manual Grinder And Traveler's ChoiceBuyFromAmazon
#2ROK Coffee GrinderROK Coffee GrinderCoolest Manual GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#3The Zassenhaus 169DGZassenhaus 169DGCollector's ChoiceBuyFromAmazon

Hario Skerton Coffee Mill – Best Overall Manual Grinder And Traveler’s Choice

Hario Skerton Coffee MillThe Hario Skerton Coffee Mill checks every box on the must-have list for manual grinders, which is why it’s my favorite. When purchased with the upgrade kit, the Hario Skerton produces consistent grinds across all ranges; however, you only need the upgrade kit if you prefer French press. It’s reliable and versatile, and its portability makes it a favorite among travelers.


  • Great grind consistency makes it perfect for all brews
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Excellent value based on performance


  • Glass exterior is a shatter risk (though you can fit the Hario Skerton’s hopper, including the grind unit, on any mason jar—easy fix!)
  • Separate upgrade kit required for French press

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Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee GrinderMany shops and roasters prefer the Porlex, because of its sleek, modern stainless steel design. Sadly, function does not match form in the case of the Porlex; as satisfying as it is aesthetically, this grinder’s slick exterior makes it a nightmare to grip while turning the crank. Those suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis might well find the Porlex impossible to operate. Even those with no hand or wrist issues are likely to walk away sore, especially since its small capacity means a longer grind time. On the counter, it’s a work of art, but in action it’s a pain -literally – to use daily. If you’ve got the time and the hand strength, though, you may well find the Porlex an excellent fit, since it beats all other grinders on this list in portability (it can even slip right inside an Aeropress) and produces top-quality grounds.


  • Simple design makes operation almost instinctive
  • Unbeatable in portability


  • It’s almost too simple, making more complex grind applications out of the question
  • Difficult and at times downright painful to operate

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ROK Coffee Grinder – Coolest Manual Grinder

ROK Coffee GrinderEverything about the ROK Coffee Grinder can be summed up in a single word: cool. First of all, with its polished aluminum exterior, it looks like a work of modern art. It’s not just a pretty face, though—the ROK is a hard worker. Lab tests have shown the ROK outperforms $600 electric burr grinders in ground quality and consistency. The ROK’s grinds are especially perfect for espresso, though not quite ideal for French press. You won’t find a grinder that’s easier to use, though—you can operate it one-handed, in half the time compared to other hand grinders.


  • Beautiful design
  • Very easy to use
  • Outperforms high-end electric burr grinders
  • Provides a superior at-home luxury coffee experience


  • Not travel-friendly
  • Average grind consistency on the coarser end of the spectrum
  • Harder to clean, due to hopper size
  • Expensive compared to other manual coffee grinders

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Zassenhaus 169DG – Collector’s Choice

The Zassenhaus 169DGThe Zassenhaus 169DG has the look and feel of an antique coffee grinder. Crafted by the Germans using a top-quality walnut hardwood exterior, the 169DG fits perfectly in a “country kitchen,” unlike the previous two models. Zassenhaus paid just as much attention to function as they did to form; the 169DG produces consistent, quality grounds for espresso, drip, and French press. The manufacturers also stand behind their work with a ten-year warranty.


  • Exquisite vintage design
  • Produces quality coffee
  • Easy-to-adjust grind settings
  • Warranty


  • Long grind time
  • Hard to clean – it’s particularly difficult to reach the burrs
  • Hopper lets in air

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Orphan Espresso Lido 2 – Most Expensive And Fantastical Manual Grinder

Orphan Espresso Lido 2It might not be printed on the label, but Orphan Espresso’s motto must be “go big or go home.” Their newest creation, the Lido 2, looks like a steampunk fever-dream. If the other grinders on this list are Toyotas and Cadillacs, this model is a Bugatti. It’s excessive and pricey, yes, but it also grinds coffee better than any other hand grinder out there, and it’s built to last—your grandchildren might grind their morning coffee in the next century on their now-antique Lido 2. Ruggedly built of strong plastic, glass, and stainless steel, it tips the scales at three-and-a-half pounds, essentially disqualifying it as a travel buddy, but making it potentially useful as a weapon in a home invasion.

To sum up, it’s big, expensive, flashy, and heavy—so other than self-defense, why own one? Power, that’s why. Just like a Bugatti, the Lido leaves its competition in the dust, grinding a full serving of beans before you can say “Orphan Espresso Lido 2.” Even its capacity goes above and beyond; it can hold up to eight ounces of grind, making it the grinder of choice for your neighborhood coffee klatsch.

This monster of a grinder needs some forceful handling, though. My two testers (my father and my girlfriend) both had difficulty getting this grinder going. Personally, I didn’t have much trouble—but I may have been distracted by the sheer might of the Lido 2.
Traveling with this grinder obviously isn’t feasible. Despite its impracticality in many aspects, though, there’s definitely a niche market for this grinder; if you prefer silk to cotton and Italian imports over Detroit steel, you’re likely in it. But in my honest opinion, you’re better off investing the $175 you would have spent on the Lido on a mid-grade Baratza burr mill grinder.

What Should You Consider When Looking For Your Perfect Manual Coffee Grinder?

1. Size and appearance

Your perfect coffee grinder should be a reflection of yourself. Are you a frequent traveler? Then your grinder should be simple, small, and ready to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice. Prefer the comforts of home? Then you can choose something larger and sturdier, something that will look right at home as a permanent fixture on your kitchen counter.

2. Material – will it last?

Stainless steel and ceramic are the best materials for coffee grinders, since they’re durable, easy to clean, and attractive. Remember, though—if you plan to travel with it, stick to shatterproof materials, so your grinder doesn’t end up in a thousand pieces on the airport floor during a TSA baggage check.

3. Function

Just like any product you buy, your hand grinder should perform to expectation. Do your research and read the reviews. If you’re a French press drinker, but the model you purchase is optimized for espresso, you’re not going to get the most out of your grinder. Same goes for quality—if people are leaving reviews saying that, six months down the road, their beans are coming out mangled, then you should probably look at another model. A few minutes of research now can save you hours of aggravation down the road.

4. Warranty – are you covered?

Quality manufacturers offer warranties, because they believe in the product they produce. You might think you’re saving money by purchasing a cheaper model with no warranty, but if that one breaks in a few months and you have to buy a new one, you haven’t really saved anything at all. Lack of a warranty is a big red flag; heed it.

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Nespresso Aerocinno 4

The Best Dishwasher Safe Milk Frothers Of 2017

The next time you head out on your morning commute, take a look around. We’re willing to bet the majority of the people you pass on the street or the highway have a steaming to-go cup clutched in one hand. Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a part of our everyday lives. Many people aren’t satisfied with simple coffee, though, not with caramel macchiatos and mochaccinos combining the warm pick-me-up of coffee with the sweet taste of dessert. Over the past few decades, demand for these beverages has spawned an entire industry of specialty coffee shops and cafés. Nowadays, it seems like there’s one on every street corner; fancy drinks require fancy equipment, after all. Fancy prices, too – a large latte can cost up to $5, depending on where you live. It’s an expensive habit, but most people don’t realize that, simply by purchasing a milk frother, they can create their own specialty coffee at home, without having to change out of their pajamas or leave a dollar in the tip jar by the register. At first glance, a frother might seem pricey, but when you consider the average person spends almost $15 on made-to-order coffee per week, even the most expensive frother will pay for itself in two months. And you can’t put a price on convenience.
A frother does exactly what the name suggests: it whips milk of any kind at high speed to create a light, fluffy foam. You can add foam to your coffee or hot chocolate, of course, but it can be added to any beverage, hot or cold. With a little flavoring, it can even make a delicious, healthy alternative to whipped cream on your favorite dessert! The only limit is your imagination.

In another post, we listed the top 5 milk frothers on the market. There’s only one drawback to our previous list: not all of them are dishwasher-safe, which means spending an additional five or ten minutes in the morning – time most busy people just don’t have – to clean the frother. But now, we’ll review the top 3 dishwasher-safe frother models:

Best Dishwasher Safe Milk Frother

#1Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherBreville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherBest of the BestBuyFromAmazon
#2Nespresso Aerocinno 4Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk FrotherBest Appearance ChoiceBuyFromAmazon
#3Eurolux Pro XLEurolux Pro XL Milk FrotherBest Budget ChoiceBuyFromAmazon

Best of the Best – Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

brevilleThe Breville BMF600XL has only four components—the base unit, which controls the settings and houses the heat induction unit, a jug to hold the milk, and two frothing disks. Its stainless steel design makes it both attractive and easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher. It’s also compact and self-organizing; a magnetic hook at the back stores the disks on the machine, making them almost impossible to lose, and the power cord hides away in the base, perfect for any home where counter space is at a premium. And the BMF600XL’s innovative design uses magnets to turn the frothing disks; with fewer moving parts, this frother is quieter and more reliable than other brands.

The jug’s minimum milk level creates enough froth or milk for two cups of coffee, with a maximum of four cups’ worth. A knob on the base controls the temperature – you can have cold foam for an iced cappuccino (though without heat, you’ll have less froth), or turn the heat up all the way to 160 degrees. In addition to regular full-fat milk, there’s almond, soy, coconut or skim milk (which produces the fluffiest froth). You can even add coffee, cocoa or agave, so your drink is ready-made in a single step.

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Best Appearance Choice – Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother

The Aeroccino 4 has everything you loved about the Aeroccino 3, now with more features and easier cleaning. The Aeroccino  4 has a better design, with a beautiful stainless steel body, a handle, and a base with multiple option buttons: airy froth (for lattes or hot chocolate), dense froth (for cappuccino), hot milk or cold. No need to switch whisks; a single attachment delivers everything you need, meaning less clutter in your kitchen drawers. You can also remove the whisk, if you’d prefer less foam. Both Aeroccino models are easy to hand wash, but only Aeroccino 4 is dishwasher-safe, unlike its predecessor, the Aeroccino 3.

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Best Budget Choice – Eurolux Pro XL Electric Induction Milk Frother

Eurolux Pro XLReady for a party? The Eurolux Pro XL accommodates up to eight ounces for frothing, and fourteen for heating. Most other brands give you half that capacity. Just one batch can serve a crowd!

The Eurolux gives you three settings: hot froth, cold froth, and hot milk. Like the Breville BMF600XL, a magnetic storage system keeps the two heating and frothing disks readily available. Plus, induction-heating technology means almost instant results! And, of course, its large-capacity jug is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a snap.

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Best Budget Choice #2 (come on, guys, don’t make me choose!) – Capresso frothPRO 202 Automatic Milk Frother

Capresso_202Capresso frothPRO 202 is one of the easiest automatic frothers to clean, featuring removable disks and a dishwasher safe jug. It produces a surprising amount of foam, and like the other, higher-priced models, has two disks and three heat settings to give you complete control. With a cycle length of two minutes, it’s one of the slower models – but still faster than standing in line at the coffee shop! And the Capresso’s eight-ounce frothing capacity makes enough for two medium cappuccinos in a single cycle, meaning you won’t have to run it as frequently. While the Capresso only offers a one-year limited warranty, simple operation and inexpensive replacement parts should keep it running for years to come.

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Top 3 Best Almond Milk Frother Review

As a lover of cappuccino and latte, you would agree with me that there is nothing more welcoming than treating yourself to a warm frothy cup every morning. It gives you a soothing edge for a start of the day’s work.

It is no news that almond milk has a lot less calorie composition than the traditional cow’s milk, and since almond is a nutritious nut it is completely cholesterol free, that is why a lot of people are switching over to it as a preferred substitute for regular milk.

I have taken the time and effort to compile a list of the best milk frothers which work well for both regular milk and almond milk. A lot of reviews on milk frothers compile their list based on just traditional cow’s milk, but do they work well for other types of milk, such as almond milk? Take into consideration that they both have different density, and thus aerate differently and at different speeds.

Top of the list is the Breville Milk Café, it is a must have. And it is also the best milk frother for regular milk. Here is our list of top 5 best milk frother.

Best Almond Milk Frother

#1Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherBreville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherBest Overall PickBuyFromAmazon
#2Epica Automatic Milk FrotherEpica Automatic Electric Milk FrotherBest Budget PickBuyFromAmazon
#3Secura Automatic Electric Milk FrotherBuyFromAmazon

#1 Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

brevilleGone are the days when you had to buy a whole espresso machine just to be able to froth milk with the loud hissing sound it makes, the Breville Milk Café does all that and more.

It has an induction heating system which warms the milk and a spinning method which aerates it; this makes the perfect combination to create small smooth bubbles in your milk.

Unlike some other frothers, the Breville Milk Café can be filled with enough milk at once for up to three servings. It has a front knob which can be pushed to start or stop operation and can be turned to control its temperature.

It also has the ability to turn itself off after getting the desired frothing temperature. It offers you an option of choosing the appropriate frothing disc you need, which could be latte to get a creamy result or the cappuccino disc which allows for more frothing, and it does wonders for hot chocolate.

Now, this frothing wonder machine does come at a price, but it is worth every penny, no use buying a cheap fancy frother that packs up after a short period, or that gives you a bubble bath instead of the desired creamy bubbles. With its many functionalities, it helps you save time and ironically money in the long run.

It works with all kinds of milk, be it almond, non-fat, or soy milk. You can also use flavoured cream for your frothing easily, so long as you clean it immediately after use which is not a bother as the jug is completely dishwasher safe. It has a low to no noise sound and very good grip.

As it should be with all originally made products the Breville Milk Café comes with a one year warranty, a user manual to help you work your way around it, and an ever supportive company to assist you with whatever issues that might arise.

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#2 Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother

EpicaThe Epica Milk Frother comes at a much more reasonable price; it has enough space to hold content for two servings, which is about 4.25 oz or 125 ml for frothing, and 8.5 oz or 250 ml for heating, all done in good speed.

It is made of stainless steel vacuum insulation much like a thermos, equipped to make both hot froth and cold froth which gives you options. It is popularly known that frothed milk loses its sweet flavor if it gets hotter than 165 degrees Fahrenheit as all its fats will begin to cook, that is why the Epica Milk Frother is preferred as its temperature does not exceed 140 degrees. If you want a frother that produces steaming hot milk, then this should probably not be your choice.

If you have ever tried to pour out milk from a frother and ended up rinsing the cord of the frother into your cup then you know how annoying that can be, the Epica milk frother solves this problem by creating a detachable carafe which you can easily lift up from its base, needless to say you can be rest assured your froth will have a cordless taste.

It also comes with two years warranty, which is more than enough assurance that the company will always be at your call whenever you need them.

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#3 Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother

This stainless steel beauty comes with a maximum capacity of 4 oz or 125 ml (for milk froth preparation) and 8.5 oz or 250 ml (for hot milk preparation); it has a detachable base for easy lifting, a fee cleaning brush and comes in a variety of sizes which are 250 ml, 300 ml, and 500 ml.

Although it is not dishwasher safe as it has a lot of electrical components, it has a non-stick interior, and it is easy to clean with just a little water and a paper towel.

It does not get piping hot, but it is enough to make a perfect cup of cappuccino, it comes with a single level minimum indicator, two maximum marks with the top mark for heating milk and the bottom mark for frothing milk.

It can be used to froth almond milk, soy milk, and even coconut milk. It is built to North American Electrical Standards of 120 V, and comes with two years warranty,

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With all the breakdown and scrutiny we have taken all three milk frothers through, it should be very easy for you to make an excellent choice. The first job of a milk frother is to froth milk; every other feature comes as an added bonus.

So let’s all keep frothing, and keep sipping.

Top 5 Best Milk Frother 2017

One of morning’s greatest pleasures is enjoying a wonderful foamy cappuccino or a steamy latte. Every coffee drinker knows the key to the perfect cappuccino or latte is the specially prepared milk. While you could go out and purchase one of those fancy espresso machines, it’s tough to justify the expense simply to produce that delicious, aerated milk.

One less expensive way to get that wonderful flavor and texture in your coffee is an electric milk frother. Milk frothers are like an electric whisk. They whip the milk to a light, foamy texture that gives your dense, strong coffee that creamy smoothness you crave.

With so many electric milk frothers on the market, it’s not easy to determine which one is best for you. Comparing the capabilities of dozens of options, the clear frother champion is the Breville Milk Cafe. Although it carries a higher price tag, its quality build and special features make it the overwhelming winner. A less expensive, but effective alternative is the Epica Automatic.

Best Milk Frother

#1Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherBreville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherBest Overall PickBuyFromAmazon
#2Epica Automatic Milk FrotherEpica Automatic Electric Milk FrotherBest Budget PickBuyFromAmazon
#3KuissentialKuissential Slickfroth 2.0 Electric Milk FrotherBest Handheld PickBuyFromAmazon

Best Overall Pick – Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

brevilleThe Breville Milk Cafe emerges as the clear victor with its ability to create amazing foam while giving you additional features not found with any of its competitors.


The Breville is the only milk frother that gives you the option to adjust not only your milk’s temperature, but also how much foam you desire. Using the circular dial, the temperature of your milk can be set at cold or you can adjust it up to 160o (70oC).

Whether you want silky latte foam or velvety cappuccino foam, the Breville gives you the choice with two separate frothing disks. The Milk Cafe also allows you to create an individual serving or enough to foam for up to three large cups of coffee. Not only for coffee, toss in some chocolate chips and enjoy one deliciously smooth hot cocoa.

With an attractive stainless steel design and compact size, you won’t mind seeing your Milk Cafe on your counter and you’ll appreciate the easy access. Simply remove the jug from the base and you can toss it in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup.

The attention to detail is what makes the Milk Cafe and most Breville products stand out from its competition. While most less expensive milk frothers have an unbroken rim, the Milk Cafe has an actual spout for a consistent, mess-free pour. With its innovative lid you can easily and cleanly add chocolate or syrup to the frothing milk.


Occasionally the magnetic frothing disk can loosen. This is not a strong complaint, as it is generally the result of poor cleaning. Breville recommends you rinse the jug after each use, which makes sense as reheating old milk will taint the flavor of your foam, and is generally unsanitary.

The Breville Milk Cafe offers customization capabilities that are unmatched by its competitors. Taking everything into account, it is the best milk frother.

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Cost Effective Pick – Nespresso Aeroccino 3

NespressoGenerally speaking, the best products have the highest price tag. Extra expense isn’t always required, when you have options offering you a better value for your money. When comparing milk frothers offering a good value for the money, the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 is what you want.


The Nespresso creates beautiful, rich foam at half the cost of the Breville. Similar to the Breville, Nespresso warms the milk using induction heating and a magnetized spinning disk creates the foam. Also containing two foam disks, one for dense foam, the other for smooth milk, it has a simple, push button start. The frothing process takes roughly a minute and a half and can create milk for for up to two small cups.


With the lower price point, you can expect some compromises. Where the Breville gives you the ability to choose the temperature of your foam, Nespresso will always bring your milk to a standard temperature of 160o-170o (60o-65oC). While this is the optimal temperature to expose the milk’s natural sweet flavor, if you prefer a warmer milk, you’ll need a quick pop in your microwave. The heat incline works well most of the time, but is less stable than that of the Breville.

Nespresso cannot go in your dishwasher. You’ll need to hand rinse after each use to avoid any milk build-up. The Aeroccino is also not adapt at serving more than yourself and another friend.

The bottom line is if you want a cost effective milk frother that creates dense foam quickly, the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 is your best choice.

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Best Budget Pick – Epica Automatic Milk Frother

EpicaThe best milk frother on a budget is the Epica Automatic Milk Frother. With similar features to the Nespresso Aeroccino 3, you could even call this a white-labelled version.


Also using induction heating, the Epica has a stainless steel construction and the same capacity as the Nespresso – 125ml of foam and 250ml of hot milk – as well as two heat options (cold or heated to 140o).  With its lower price, you’d expect some compromises, but if special features don’t impress you, Epica is an acceptable option.


The Epica is not dishwasher-safe either. That means, you have to hand wash it after each usage to clean the milk left in it. Another Epica’s compromise is the only one whisk attachment. Nespresso comes with two whisk for cappuccino and latte respectively.

Epica vs Nespresso Aeroccino 3

The primary difference between the Epica and the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 is the way they froth milk. Nespresso comes with two interchangeable disks and holds its frother in place with magnetics. The Epica has only one whisk attachment, clipped to the bottom of the jug, that creates cappuccino foam.

Both systems have to be hand washed with each use, as neither is dishwasher safe. Epica’s jug bottomed whisk tends to hold milk making cleaning it crucial to avoid affecting the flavor of the next batch of foam. Another difference favoring the Epica is its two separate buttons which make it easier to select your froth temperature – cold or hot.

Which is the winner – the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 or the Epica? About $20-30 cheaper, the Epica is a good choice for those on a budget or looking to experiment with milk frothers. The Aeroccino, on the other hand, is the better value simply for its striking appearance, its ability to create different levels of foam, and its ease of cleaning.

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Best Handheld – Kuissential SlickFroth 2.0 Electric Milk Frother

KuissentialThe best handheld milk frother is the Kuissential SlickFroth. Because jug style frothers combine the heating with the milk frothing, they may be preferable to the manual handheld frothers. But handhelds are the much cheaper option! In selecting the best milk frother in this category, the main features and functions need to be met – ease of use, durability, and frothing capability. With each of these aspects considered and met, the SlickFroth is the clear winner.


With respect to durability, the SlickFroth’s handheld stainless steel body with rubber grip has a whisk with a solid ergonomic handle. Not only is it striking in appearance, if dropped, it is not as easily broken as other models made of plastic.

If you’re talking ease of use, the SlickFroth is as easy as it gets. Simply slide the switch forward and the whisk instantly spins. Where the SlickFroth excels when compared to other handhelds is it is powered faster. When cheaper models tend to take some time to achieve optimal frothing speed, the SlickFroth reaches top speed in under a second.

How’s the foam? It’s got durability and is easy to use, but how is the foam? Amazing! You can make a delicious cappuccino foam in about 20 seconds. To use, just insert the frother into the milk, slide the switch to on, and rotate. You are in control of the froth – just continue to rotate until you’ve achieved your desired foam. Batteries are included with he SlickFroth, unlike others.


Manual operation is the biggest compromise compared with models mentioned above.

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Budget Handheld Pick – MatchaDNA Milk Frother

MatchaDNAHandheld milk frothers are about as inexpensive as you can get. When you’re looking for a budget model, you can easily find options under $10. The best milk frother in this category is the MatchaDNA Electric Milk Frother.


Functioning just like the SlickFroth, the MatchaDNA is pure simplicity. Simply push the button on the handle and it’s ready to froth. In just 30 seconds, you’ll have a quality foam for your cappuccino.


With the low price tag, there are going to be some concessions. Unlike the SlickFroth, batteries are not included with the MatchaDNA, so you’ll need to grab a few AAs. The torque speed is acceptable, however it is slower compared to the SlickFroth. Last is the build quality. The MatchaDNA is not going to be a long lasting product. With a plastic grip and a stainless steel whisk, it has a flimsy feel compared to higher end models. If you’re looking for an inexpensive replacement whisk or a low-cost experimental model, the MatchaDNA is a decent option.


As you can see, there are quite a number of milk frothers out there. As new products are introduced, this page will be updated, so check back in periodically. Now it’s up to you to select the best model for your needs. Let us know which model you choose and whether you concur with these comments.

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