AeroPress vs. French Press: Which is a Better Coffee Maker

Starting your day right is essential, but with the wrong coffee maker you can find yourself frustrated with how your day begins. The differences between the AeroPress and French Press are vast, though the coffee makers look similar in design. Have a French Press when you need an AeroPress , or vice versa can ruin your day before it even begins. Coffee is the start of most mornings, and many people need the kick to ensure you have the best day you could have. The differences a good cup of coffee can have to your morning vs. a bad cup of coffee in the morning is astounding. It can ensure you’re more alert, more efficient and more capable, or you can trudge through the day. The problem that’s presented though, which coffee maker can you use for different situations? What coffee maker is the best?

What is the AeroPress ?

AeroPressThe AeroPress is a small, efficient little coffee maker, lightweight and easy to clean it is portable. The French Press can’t be used wherever you are like the AeroPress can. It is a single serve brewer, so you only get one cup of coffee at a time, allowing you to personalize each and every cup. It produces clean and flavorful coffee while ensuring you can personalize your coffee your way. Extremely versatile you can use it almost anywhere, as long as you have hot water and ground coffee. The differences in the coffee ground shine through with the AeroPress, allowing you to experiment with different kinds of coffee and grounds to get the taste you like the best.

This coffee maker is born for adventure, designed to be easy to use on a boat, in the mountains, or anywhere else it’s easy to pack, clean and use and allows for an awesome morning. That efficient method of cleaning and pressing on the go allows you to tackle your adventurous side without surrendering your morning fix. The AeroPress is built out of completely BPA free plastic making it extremely durable. Lightweight and small enough to maneuver simply, it’s a great coffee maker for the adventurers.

AeroPress: Why People Love it

The AeroPress is simple enough to manage, grind the beans, add the wet filter, add the coffee to the filter, add the water, stir press and drink, it takes about 2 minutes, with the coffee only having to brew for about 60 seconds. Nice simple and easy, and portable. It’s amazing to use and useful to have. A Versatile, clean, and flavorful coffee maker that’s easy to clean, easy to use and can create your favorite coffee every time you settle in for a cup. Never go without coffee again, even when you’re out on the ocean or in the mountains, bring this portable little coffee maker, and know your mornings won’t be ruined. It’s perfect for the traveler, easy to clean, simple to use in almost any aspect and easy to manage no matter where you intend to go. You can add a heftier mesh as well, to use different coffee grounds, and the available filters keep the grounds out without a hitch. An all-around awesome coffee maker for any adventurer. The only real downside is that it brews one cup at a time, which is only a downside if you’re with other people who like the same coffee as you, if they want something different, they can brew a cup just for themselves.

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What is the French Press?

French PressThe French Press is an easy to use coffee maker, dishing out heavy cups of coffee with a rich flavor every time. It harbors a coarse grind making it easier to use and simpler to find coffee that fits and doesn’t cause issues. If you prefer a fine ground coffee, I suggest getting filters or getting a new mesh to ensure that the fine grounds don’t stay in the fresh coffee when you go to pour it. It has a simple set it and forget it design allowing you to brew while you get ready for the day. It doesn’t require a lot of prep work, and it allows you to brew multiple cups at a time, so your significant other can have their morning cup as well.

This coffee maker is best for an in house station. It can be used anywhere in your home but isn’t suggested if you’re out on adventures. The French Press can break if it’s not taken care of properly. An easy to use coffee maker with rich and delicious coffee it only takes 4 minutes minimum for an amazing cup of coffee. Made of glass and metal this coffee maker is not built for the idea of a durable coffee maker. It’s not made to go on adventures with you, and will likely break if you try to bring it. If you let it wait longer, then the coffee will be stronger, so if you like your coffee bold and rich leave it for a longer time, at least 8 minutes to get a strong flavor.

The strong flavor and ability to make a perfect cup every time makes the French Press the best coffee maker for the kitchen, ensuring that your mornings are started right every single day. With or without a filter, this coffee maker will solve a good portion of your morning problems.

By the way, the importance of a good coffee grinder cannot be overstated. I’ve researched most of the grinders on the market and listed the Top 5 Best Burr Grinders For French Press. I hope to make it easier for you to find your best option.

French Press: Why People Love it

To make the coffee, you grind the grounds, add them to the warmed French press, add the hot water, and wait a few minutes to ensure the coffee brews. After 4 minutes you press the grounds to the bottom, which allows the coffee to sit on top and be poured out into your delicious cup. You never know when getting a fresh cup of coffee fast is going to ensure you have a great morning and the fresh press is one coffee maker that you can set and forget until you’re ready to go. The French Press is dynamic, useful and easy to clean, perfect for the kitchen and an amazing addition to the household. Pack a thermos full of rich, delicious coffee, and you’ll be ready to take on whatever the world wants to throw at you. It’s such an iconic coffee brewing method that entire coffee shops dedicate their coffee making skills to the French Press and its ability. It’s rare to find a coffee shop that doesn’t have at least one French Press in it.

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The AeroPress is an amazing addition to the traveler. For those who like to experiment with different brewing styles. You can make a single cup at a time and make each cup different. You can go from coast to coast without needing to stop for your morning cup. Bringing your coffee anywhere you go is essential and ensuring that you get an awesome cup makes your mornings better.

The French Press is best for those who love a nice rich cup in the morning, who don’t plan on leaving the confines of their home. You can make several cups at a time, and you can simply set the coffee brewing, and forget about it until you’re ready for your morning cup of deliciousness.

Either addition has its pros and cons, the AeroPress can be taken anywhere but can only brew one cup, The French Press shouldn’t leave the kitchen, but can brew as many cups as you need. There are so many different coffee makers out there, but when it comes to the better coffee maker between the AeroPress and the French Press, it really is tossed up to your needs. No matter which one you choose it’s always a good idea to ensure that it’s right for you. Many people never know what kind of coffee maker to use, but between these two press focused beauties, there isn’t a way you can go wrong. They’re both stunning additions to either the travelers backpack or the kitchen table, and with either of them you can ensure a great brew.

If you’re a traveler who rarely has time to settle in their own home, who climbs mountains and crosses seas, then the AeroPress is for you. It matches your thirst for adventure and lets you keep going without having to stop for your morning cup of coffee. If you don’t like to wait fifteen minutes for a solid cup of coffee before running to the office on your regular commute than the French Press has got your morning routine covered. Wait 4 minutes, or prep and get ready to go, and take off, ready to take on the world. The differences between the two aren’t vast, but they do matter, especially when deciding which coffee maker would be the best for you. It would be wise to have both, a French Press for your mornings at home, and an AeroPress to carry with you on long trips, to ensure you have great coffee no matter where you go.