Chemex vs. French Press: Which One is a Better Coffee Maker?

In the world of caffeine, the French Press is the most known between our two contenders today, but the Chemex has its own strengths. There is a debate going around though, some people believe the Chemex is better, and others defend the French Press with the fire in their bellies. Both are good coffee makers, but it’s rare to find a coffee maker that is great. The biggest question is, are you going to settle for an inadequate cup of coffee? Some people will prefer the French Press, some will prefer the Chemex but which of the two is really the king of coffee?

What is a Chemex?

ChemexChemex is a brand of glass coffee maker that has been growing in popularity throughout the past decade. Shaped a lot like an hourglass, it is an effective coffee make that doesn’t rely on mechanical components at all. In all different shapes and sizes, so you can ensure you have a large enough coffee maker for your family. You place the filter in, add the grounds, usually fine grounds, and pour hot water over them. Gravity does the rest. Once the coffee is done brewing you can remove the filter and pour away, some people pour with the filter in, but it’s wise not to so you can keep the grounds out. It’s a nifty and simple little contraption that makes smooth and delicious coffee. A Chemex is usually seen as high class, modern but minimalist, and easy to use. Perfect to make yourself seem like a distinguished individual.

Pros and Cons of a Chemex

Pros are easy to find, non-mechanical, and easy to use. It brews coffee that is smooth, and delicious and is easy to use. The filter is designed to catch sediments and oils, locking out the bitterness. It can bring out the different flavors of different beans, letting the coffee shine like it’s meant to. All while making you look like you have a serious grasp on your life and your finances.

Cons are pretty obvious, the available accessories, and necessities to use it can really run up the coffee bill. Cleaning the glass coffee maker is even more difficult you need to purchase a special brush to do so, never mind the special filters that catch the bitterness from entering your finished cup. It also takes serious patience to perfect the method, most people only make one cup in this method, but you can also make many more, and it does take time to brew.

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What is a French Press?

French PressA French Press is a coffee creation device that’s been around since it was created in 1929. Designed to press the coffee in order to brew the cup it is an intricate design for a simple process and has been used in kitchens across Europe and Asia. You can use the French Press to make iced coffee, and it has even been used to create loose leaf tea from time to time. This makes it versatile and useful for a variety of different purposes. Ensuring that you can use it regularly, even if you don’t need another cup of coffee.

Pros and Cons of a French Press

Pros are simple, you can get a really clean strong cup of coffee, and you control every part of your brew time. With 8 cups at a time, you can brew plenty of coffee for yourself and your family in the morning. You can also make cold brew coffee and loose leaf tea, so it is capable of being diverse. Just in case someone doesn’t like coffee, or would rather have tea first thing in the morning.

Cons include difficult clean-up, a more difficult setup and depending on the equipment you could wind up with some horrible left overs in the bottom of your cup. No one wants additional sludge from the grounds to show up in their coffee cup. The clean-up can be easy if you have a garbage disposal in your sink. Otherwise, it is just a messy problem. It’s best just to ensure a smooth cup of coffee instead of the possibility of having a bad morning. You deserve consistency every single morning, but with the French Press, there is a chance that you won’t be able to get a daily consistent brew.

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Chemex vs. French Press

The differences between the two are staggering, very much like night and day. One lets you use gravity to brew, the other forces you to press down on a handle just to brew your morning cup properly. One is elegant and brews a smooth cup of coffee, and the other is strong and occasionally has sludge. The differences for you may not be too horrible on paper, but experiencing them can be the difference between a great and a terrible cup of coffee. Pitting them against each other is easy, there two different methods of coffee creation, two different ways to ensure a good morning. The differences between the two are clear and concise, but which one is better? Is it the French Press or is it the Chemex that comes out on top? The argument is one for the ages, a modern-day replacement for a perk coffee maker or a century’s old coffee making technique.

Weighing the pros and cons makes them both seem to pair up pretty nicely. It’s easy to see how someone would like the Chemex or French Press but when you look more closely at the pros and cons, you see that the Chemex is one of the best coffee makers. The glass makes up ensures that the coffee brewed is clean and smooth, and you have the option of disassociating the grounds completely from the coffee maker before pouring. No sludge, no oil, no bitter nastiness which the French Press doesn’t filter out. The Chemex is an amazing and simple method of coffee creation that has survived throughout ages. Of course, French Press Lovers are going to argue about this, but let’s take a further look before the argument gets out of hand. There is a clear reason why the French Press fails where the Chemex triumphs, all we have to do is look at the evidence.


The Chemex has a relatively simple process; you place the filter in, slide the grounds into it, and pour the boiling hot water over it. It does take time, but not too long before you have a perfectly smooth cup of coffee. The dripping does take a long time, but that’s the cost of ensuring that your morning is not hindered by a nasty cup of coffee. You need to be sure to have a steady and simple method of getting your coffee made in the morning, so, are you short on time, or itching for raw deliciousness? Chemex is the bringer of deliciousness. The French Press though is a completely different beast, and the difference between the beasts is the difference between the perfect cup of coffee and a difficult morning. If you’re careful, you might be able to choose the right coffee maker.

The French Press is a difficult thing to understand, you put the hot water and grounds in the same section after of course heating the French Press with boiled water to ensure the coffee stays hot. Then you press the grounds to the bottom of the French Press. Which leaves plenty of room for error, the sludge can raise up into the coffee you’re made and taint it, making it gritty and ragged. It’s best to focus on the coffee making method that makes the best cup in the morning.


The Chemex is a little lengthy to wait for, but it’s much easier to use. You simply place the filter in, place the ground coffee in the filter and pour the hot water over the grounds. After some time it drips through and brews a smooth, elegant cup of coffee. Operating the Chemex is extremely easy and simple. The French Press, on the other hand, is difficult to use and difficult to handle. You can completely control the brew time, and how strong you want your coffee, but the effort you put into making your coffee in the morning can be daunting, physically straining yourself shouldn’t be a part of your morning, and if you like strong coffee forget being able to create your cup before you have to head to work in the morning. There should be nothing in the world that stands between you and the perfect cup of coffee, every single day.


The delicious taste of the Chemex cannot be paralleled by the French Press. The French Press keeps the oil and other bitter bits right there in the coffee, where the Chemex removes them with the filter, a nice and simple method. It does take a little longer to brew, but overall it has the best taste, and when it comes to your morning wake up that is one of the most important parts. You don’t want to fight through the day after a bad cup of coffee. The taste of a Chemex is clearly, and will always be more capable than the French press, which is still an iffy brewer.
There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee especially first thing in the morning, and it’s more important to have a good cup of coffee instead of a fast cup of coffee. You can get a controlled brew, a clean brew, and an invigorating brew. The taste of the coffee can be created by brewing, filtering and sitting times. If you’re familiar with the ways to get your coffee to the perfect point, then you’ll be able to have the perfect morning every morning. It’s extremely important to ensure a consistent taste and brew. With the perfect taste and brew the different kinds of coffee available it’s important to know the difference between the different tastes and different coffee makers.


The French Press is unreliable with its brew, where with the Chemex you get the same exact brew every single time. Consistency is important when it comes to your coffee no matter what time of the night it is, and it’s even more important to be sure that you receive exactly what you expect. A lot of information has come in to help make the decision, but without a doubt, the Chemex is the better of the coffee makers. When it comes to making the perfect cup, there is a no more important way to manage than to get a Chemex. Smooth, clean, and easy to use the only real downside is the price, but can you really put a price on the perfect cup of coffee? I can’t, and that’s why I use a Chemex.

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