Keurig vs. Ninja: Which is a Better Coffee Maker

Coffee makers have been additions to the home for decades and when two household names square off in the race for the best coffee maker only one will come out swinging. In one corner the Keurig K55, which is well known to make coffee, hot chocolate. With an awesome auto off feature that allows you to be sure that your coffee maker will not stay on all day if you forget to turn it off. Paired with a secondary water filter making sure you have the best beverages every day. The other, the Ninja is better known for a line of blenders that are cutting edge, but not for their wonderful coffee makers crafted with the name of Ninja Coffee Bar with a Glass Carafe (CF091). The Ninja has Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology, ensuring the best tasting coffee possible, along with a built in frother you can get all of your drinks in one place without hesitation. Today we’re going to pit them against one another and see what it takes to make the best cup of coffee for your morning.

What is Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System

Ninja is a name most commonly associated with the blender series. But they also make the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer system. When you make great products, why not make more great products? From classic to specialty coffee, and even iced coffee the Ninja is amazing. There are a wide variety of different coffee makers, from the single brew cup to the full carafe these coffee makers are pod free and environmentally friendly, allowing you to ensure your carbon footprint is seriously reduced.

What is Keurig Coffee Maker

Specifically designed for single cup brewing the Keurig is one of the household names in the United States. A common appliance in a kitchen these quick easy to use little coffee makers make your first cup of the morning super simple. Without overly complicating the process you can simply wake, pop in a pod, slide in a coffee cup and go. This makes the Keurig the go-to-coffee maker of America, no matter what contender they’re placed up against. It’s hard for coffee makers like the Ninja to beat out the competition when the competition all but rules over a marketplace. The Keurig is the single-serve king, and it’s difficult to push the coffee maker out of the limelight.

Keurig vs. Ninja

The Keurig is the most famous in the states. With easy to use pods and a quick and efficient method of depositing coffee into your cup this little device really captures attention Able to brew a wide variety of different things the Keurig is efficient and tiny, fitting into just about any space you need it to fit into. Efficient at creating a wide variety of different drinks, this is one versatile little machine.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is the new kid on the block, but one that is making some serious noise. With the ability to make all different kinds of coffee products it doesn’t matter how hot or cold the day is going to be for you, you’ll have delicious coffee brewed just the way you like it. The Ninja Coffee bar can patch together several different kinds of brews and ensures that no matter the differences in your household, coffee will never start another fight again. With the ability to craft and create even the most complex drinks at the push of a button. There is simplicity built into the new kid, and it is really making the Ninja Coffee Bar seem like an upstanding coffee maker.

Keurig K55 vs. Ninja CF091

 Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee MakerNinja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Glass Carafe (CF091)
Keurig K55Ninja CF091
Cup Size6, 8, 10 ozCup, XL Cup, Travel, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, Full Carafe
Brew TypeNo ControlClassic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty, Cafe Forte
Making Drinks Other Than Coffee Tea, coffee, and hot chocolateCoffee Only
Accessories 4 K-Cup pods and a water filter handle + 2 water filters5 Paper Filters, Measuring Scoop, Nina Easy Frother, 18oz. Ninja To-Go Tumbler w/ Lid, (40) Recipe Book

The Biggest Difference Between Ninja Coffee Bar and Keurig is:

Keurig relies on K-cups for its single-serve brewing. Coffee ground can be used with reusable K-cup filters. Ninja is a pod-free system. You don’t need any type of pods to brew coffee, just your favorite coffee ground.

Cup Size

The Ninja, depending on the model, has 6 or more different cup sizes, meaning that no matter the size of your cup you’ll find the right option for your needs. The Keurig has far fewer brewing options, usually one cup, and up to 3 different cup size options per device. The Ninja is far superior in this category. The different cup sizes allow you to pick and choose your amount of coffee without behind hindered or judged. You can have a tiny cup of coffee, or the biggest cup of coffee in the world without being hindered at all. Your coffee machine should work for you, and with the wide variety of cup sizes you’re going to be easily able to get the perfect cup of coffee out of every morning.

Brew Type

The Ninja Coffee Bar is able to make a wide variety of different brews. From solid bold coffee to iced coffee deliciousness the Ninja is able to do just about everything coffee related. The Keurig though is able to both make a wide variety of coffee and also make hot chocolate and other delicious hot beverages. It can’t make iced coffee though, and you can only choose the different pods to put in, unlike the Ninja, which allows you to brew a wide variety of different coffee types without a specialty pod. All you have to do is put in the coffee flavor you want, start to brew, and prep your taste buds.

Making Drinks Other Than Coffee

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s specialty is coffee. Iced coffee, bold coffee, original coffee, just about any kind of coffee the Ninja can make with very little effort. If you’re looking for something other than coffee the Keurig is the coffee maker to go with mostly because it can make hot chocolate and teas a well. The Ninja can manage to make those things as well, but it is a far more complicated process and you’ll need to clean the Ninja Coffee bar afterward. It’s best just for the Ninja Coffee Bar to stick with what it does best, making coffee. Coffee that rivals all other brews, no matter if its the single serve or carafe that’s brewed.


With the Ninja Coffee Bar you can get a wide variety of additions. The first is an Easy Frother, to get the best foam for your lattes and cappuccinos. Another is a Coffee Caddy, and a Coffee and Spice Grinder. These additions are just a few of the many that can be added onto your Ninja Coffee Bar, giving you a better cup every single morning. These accessories are not mandatory, but they are in fact super useful to each machine depending on the model and accessories you aquire for them. They can make your life much easier, simpler, and more carefree that it would be without them.

The Keurig has a wide variety of additions as well, with a drawer that goes under your Keurig you can also add a moving carousel that can be rotated, adding this near your Keurig displays the pods, but that’s about it. It doesn’t have very many additions at all and it’s rare that the Keurig has any extra additions besides the pod holders. These pod holders come in different sizes and shapes but they all do the same thing, hold Keurig pods. These pods are essential to work the Keurig, but it’s not essential to have them on display.


The Keurig usually costs roughly $100 which is significantly less than the $150 or more than the Ninja, but the Ninja has more additions and capabilities than the Keurig. So for more money you get a much better coffee maker that has variety and strength in each brew. The Keurig though is a cheaper option for those who aren’t terribly fussy over their coffee, and prefer to have a little hot chocolate from time to time. If you want a coffee maker that has the ability to make some okay coffee, along with other hot drinks, the Keurig is for you, but if you want restaurant quality coffee it’s always best to put your trust in a coffee maker that knows what it’s doing.

Which One to Buy

The one you should buy is up to you, it depends on what you want to get from your brewer. Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are all options with the Keurig but the variety of just coffee products with the Ninja is difficult to pass up. If you only need coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more the Keurig is the best for you. You should also take into account clean up, filters, and other issues when you’re looking into buying either the Keurig or Ninja.

If you’re looking for just a delicious coffee maker the Ninja Coffee Bar is a wonderful addition to any kitchen as long as you need just coffee. Coffee is the focal point of the morning but occasionally wanting some hot chocolate, or tea instead of coffee is a common desire. Depending on if you need coffee or coffee and other hot drinks you should take into account the differences between the Ninja Coffee Bar and the Keurig.

Nespresso vs. Keurig: Which is a Better Coffee Maker

Both the Nespresso and Keurig are coffee makers that rely on a pod related system. They brew cups of coffee individually and allow you to pick and choose your roast and brew for a fully customized cup of caffeinated deliciousness. The Nespresso and Keurig are two very different coffee machines, one makes espresso, and the other can make several different things. One is smooth and the other is strong. From coffee to tea to hot chocolate and more just about any hot drink can be created with either of these wonderful little coffee makers, but which one is the better coffee maker?

Pros for Nespresso

Nespresso Virtuo Coffee and Espresso MachineThe Nespresso comes with a specifically built VertuoLine system designed for use in the United States. Made with aluminum the pods are efficient and resourceful while being easily disposable. There small and easy to fit in a small home, and a nice addition to any home. The Nespresso is one of the best coffee makers available to the world, and a wide variety of people use it.

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Pros for Keurig

With more environmentally friendly pods these pods are also super-efficient and useful. They can create a bold brew or a gentler coffee. Efficient and dynamic this coffee maker is larger than the Nespresso. An efficient little machine that is extremely popular with those of the United States. Popular doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing for you, it’s not difficult to see that the Nespresso is the stronger and more capable coffee maker.

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Nespresso vs. Keurig

We’re going to pit these two against one another, these single serve brewers are very similar, but there are some differences that determine the difference in your coffee every single day. Determining the best single brew coffee maker for you can sometimes be extremely difficult, but we’re here to break these two beasts down and reveal the better machine. The two are both single serve coffee makers, but the Keurig can often times make a carafe as well. Either way there is no way you can determine that the Nespresso would beat the Keurig.

Cost for Machines

The cost between the Nespresso and the Keurig aren’t that different. The Nespresso can range from 75 dollars to 600, with the most common tallying in 150 USD. The Keurig usually tallies in at about 100 dollars across the board. Which makes the Keurig cheaper, but cheaper is not always better. Usually the Nespresso is the better of the two machines even though it is the more expensive of the two, it’s the strongest and most resilient in its build. The cheaper product usually tells of a shoddily put together machine that can’t be relied upon. The Nespresso is very well built and therefor has a higher price tag in most cases, which ensures that you get the highest quality machine no matter what.

Capsules vs. K-cups

The Nespresso is the one of the beasts that uses capsules, much like the Keurigs K cups they’re aluminum and are easily punctured to allow for safe and efficient brewing. They’re easily disposed of and can be recycled as needed. The Keurigs K cups are usually made with plastic which isn’t very environmentally friendly, but the k-cups can now be used in several ways after using them for the coffee. The capsules are much more environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused in a wide variety of ways.

What Can Brew What

The Nespresso only makes espresso, The Keurig though can create hot chocolate, tea and coffee. There isn’t a lot that the Nespresso can brew, but if you only need a fix, than its espresso brew is the best idea. Even though the Keurig is more versatile, the Nespresso makes a better coffee brew. You should always be aware of the kind of brew available no matter what machine you’re working with to ensure you always have the best kind of coffee. You should always factor in the possibility of brewing styles, and availability of different kinds of brews before getting a coffee maker. Either one can work with a variety of brews if you use disposable filters allowing you to change it up in a more environmentally friendly way. The brew though from the pods are of a much higher quality in the Nespresso than they are in the Keurig.

Coffee Maker Features

The Nespresso is fast, ergonomic eco-friendly, and heats up in 25 seconds. It can turn off after 9 minutes to ensure it doesn’t overuse electricity with a single brew capability. With all of these things located in just the pixie model you can be sure that there is a wide variety of different models. The models all have their own additions but the pixie is one of the most common and efficient model available for a smaller sized home or apartment. The Keurig can brew both cups and carafe there is usually a touch display and strength control, with over 40 oz of water reservoir space. The single brew capacity is great for people who like diverse coffee, or couples who like different brews.

Quality of Coffee

The Keurig is the more common of the two coffee makers, and is the one that’s used most often. Dynamic and super popular, it doesn’t give the best brew. The Nespresso is the coffee maker that actually excels in this area. With smooth, rich espresso the Nespresso is the top contender in coffee creation. The Nespresso has the better quality of coffee in their pods, it’s high quality espresso and comes out rich and smooth with every brew no matter what. The quality in Keurig coffee is significantly different. It’s a lesser quality bean for the coffee, and the hot chocolate and tea are debatable as well. You should never surrender the quality of your coffee, especially not since coffee is normally your start to the morning. Quality coffee is essential to starting your morning right.


To clean the Nespresso you remove any capsules and capsule container, put a liter of fresh warm water you’ll need to mix in a sachet of descaling solution and turn on the machine. Put in a container that can hold the water and let it run through. Its nice easy and simple and is seen as much easier than the cleanup than the Keurig requires of you.

The Keurig is much simpler, you just need to run a brew cycle without a K cup in. It’s not at all difficult and can make your machine run smoother. It’s pretty simple to clean and efficient to clean up without that much of a mess. The idea of having to scrub out a coffee pot or have to rinse through a perk coffee machine in the sink is atrocious, but occasionally with those coffee makers it does happen.

The two are very different in their cleaning process, they appear similar but the Nespresso is much simpler and easy to use. There is nothing more important than ensuring you run your coffee maker to clean it on a regular basis. If you don’t clean it the parts of the coffee makers get soiled with the old coffee giving you a bitter and unpleasant taste to your morning brew. It’s essential you keep your coffee maker clean, and clean it at least twice a year. The more you clean it, the better the consistency of the coffee you brew regularly throughout the year. Always keep the coffee maker clean, if not for yourselves than for the guests you could potentially impress with the brightness and consistency of your brew.

Environmental Impact

The Keurig has some serious stipulation around the K cups. They have been better environmentally lately, but they don’t have anything on the Nespresso’s environmental ability. This environmental aspect makes them more appealing to the people around the world, especially with the heightened ideology of the green revolution. Their pods are completely recyclable so their environmental footprint is much smaller than the Keurig.

The Keurig, as stated has next to no positive environmental aspects. They can occasionally be used for different things, besides for making your morning brew. Otherwise they’re not environmentally friendly, it can take at least several decades for them to break down in the environment, which means that the Nespresso has a more friendly environmental footprint.


When you pit the two against one another the Nespresso stands strong. It’s a strong coffee maker. It makes the best coffee in relation to the Keurig. Between the two the Keurig is more common in the United States, where the rest of the world prefers the Nespresso to the Keurig. They’re better made than the Keurig and have a better build, where Keurig machines are less expensive to work on the daily basis. Both are great coffee makers with their own strengths. There is nothing more important that ensuring you have a solid coffee maker in the morning to make great coffee to start your morning. You deserve to start off a great day with a great cup, the Nespresso does that for you.

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