Can You Grind Coffee a Beans In A Ninja Blender?

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It’s early in the morning, as well is still dark outside. Your window curtains are wide open; still drawn from the busy day before, in hopes to catch the early morning rays when they peak over the furtherest skyline even though the dawn still feels hours away.

The alarm is screaming for you to wake up before sunrise, yet again. What day is it anyway? Tuesday? Man, you’re not even halfway to Saturday and the sweet sleep that comes with it. You drag your weary body out of bed and down the hall for some of that heavenly brew that must be sent directly from angels for working adults.

As soon as you get the pot running, your body will be lighter, and the lights won’t be as harsh. As soon as you can smell the brewing beans warm up, up to release their caffeine and flavors into the water, this morning will be so much better.

As you reach for the pot to pour your fresh cup, you realize that something is off. You forgot to set the auto brew last night! You’ll have to wait for the whole pot to brew. You know it only takes a few moments, but it feels as though it could just as easily be hours now. And worse yet, the beans aren’t even ground! Could this morning get any worse?!

Unfortunately my friend, yes it can. As you hold down the power button on your coffee grinder, you realize the worst has happened. Your grinder is dead at 5 AM, and you have no coffee! How can the universe expect you to handle this quagmire so early in the morning?

Well, don’t fret, dear friend. The Ninja blender you bought three months ago when you swore you would start drinking smoothies in the morning may be able to save this day yet! A question forms in your mind: Could the Ninja blender grind my coffee beans? Even if I like them super fine?

The Answer Is YES!

Thank the heavens above, the Ninja blender’s pulse settings can pulverize anything. All you need to do is measure out your preferred portion and pulse until the beans are at your preferred consistency.

Your pulse and pulse, and low and behold; it is working! Was your coffee grinder even this fast? That doesn’t matter now. All that matters this early in the morning is getting this machine to start brewing so you can shower and make yourself human before you need to have the kids up and yourself to work.

Within just 12 pulses, your coffee is ground to perfection and ready to brew. The aroma of the freshly broken beans surrounds you as you move them from the Ninja blender to your coffee pot’s basket.

Now, thanks to the Ninja blender, your morning is saved and back on track. You start the pot of freshly ground beans and leave it to brew while you head to the shower; returning to the beautifully delicious coffee aroma, that could only be from freshly ground beans, filling your kitchen to pour a cup of that liquid sunshine and get ready to embrace your day head-on.

So, Why Am I Grinding My Beans At Home Again?

I know mornings like this can leave you wondering about this. If it can be so much trouble, why even bother grinding them myself when plenty of brands sell them already ground?

Well, the reason is simple for a caffeine connoisseur. The flavor and aroma of freshly ground beans are entirely unmatchable by any pre-ground competitor. This difference in quality can be seen in the prices of many brands as well. Why do they charge more for the whole beans, if more work gets put into the grounds? Grinding them takes time and energy, right?

The answer is simple. Oxidation. This process starts as soon as the bean gets broken, no matter how quickly it is then sealed. Oxidation attacks the flavor and aroma very promptly so that the difference can become apparent as soon as you open a bag of coffee grounds and a bag of whole beans next to each other.

It is immediately evident that the whole beans have a stronger aroma, even before they are ground. Then, once ground and brewed, the coffee from the whole beans will be both darker and sweeter. This is because oxidation is responsible for the bitter taste that many people associate with coffee.

Now you know that should a morning go haywire, your Ninja blender can come to the rescue. Even if you like your beans super finely ground, the Ninja blender can and will deliver the fresh, sweet aroma and flavor you deserve from your morning cup of coffee and keep your morning as smooth as your creamer if you take creamer that is.

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