Chemex vs. French Press: Which One is a Better Coffee Maker?

In the world of caffeine, the French Press is the most known between our two contenders today, but the Chemex has its own strengths. There is a debate going around though, some people believe the Chemex is better, and others defend the French Press with the fire in their bellies. Both are good coffee makers, but it’s rare to find a coffee maker that is great. The biggest question is, are you going to settle for an inadequate cup of coffee? Some people will prefer the French Press, some will prefer the Chemex but which of the two is really the king of coffee?

What is a Chemex?

ChemexChemex is a brand of glass coffee maker that has been growing in popularity throughout the past decade. Shaped a lot like an hourglass, it is an effective coffee make that doesn’t rely on mechanical components at all. In all different shapes and sizes, so you can ensure you have a large enough coffee maker for your family. You place the filter in, add the grounds, usually fine grounds, and pour hot water over them. Gravity does the rest. Once the coffee is done brewing you can remove the filter and pour away, some people pour with the filter in, but it’s wise not to so you can keep the grounds out. It’s a nifty and simple little contraption that makes smooth and delicious coffee. A Chemex is usually seen as high class, modern but minimalist, and easy to use. Perfect to make yourself seem like a distinguished individual.

Pros and Cons of a Chemex

Pros are easy to find, non-mechanical, and easy to use. It brews coffee that is smooth, and delicious and is easy to use. The filter is designed to catch sediments and oils, locking out the bitterness. It can bring out the different flavors of different beans, letting the coffee shine like it’s meant to. All while making you look like you have a serious grasp on your life and your finances.

Cons are pretty obvious, the available accessories, and necessities to use it can really run up the coffee bill. Cleaning the glass coffee maker is even more difficult you need to purchase a special brush to do so, never mind the special filters that catch the bitterness from entering your finished cup. It also takes serious patience to perfect the method, most people only make one cup in this method, but you can also make many more, and it does take time to brew.

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What is a French Press?

French PressA French Press is a coffee creation device that’s been around since it was created in 1929. Designed to press the coffee in order to brew the cup it is an intricate design for a simple process and has been used in kitchens across Europe and Asia. You can use the French Press to make iced coffee, and it has even been used to create loose leaf tea from time to time. This makes it versatile and useful for a variety of different purposes. Ensuring that you can use it regularly, even if you don’t need another cup of coffee.

Pros and Cons of a French Press

Pros are simple, you can get a really clean strong cup of coffee, and you control every part of your brew time. With 8 cups at a time, you can brew plenty of coffee for yourself and your family in the morning. You can also make cold brew coffee and loose leaf tea, so it is capable of being diverse. Just in case someone doesn’t like coffee, or would rather have tea first thing in the morning.

Cons include difficult clean-up, a more difficult setup and depending on the equipment you could wind up with some horrible left overs in the bottom of your cup. No one wants additional sludge from the grounds to show up in their coffee cup. The clean-up can be easy if you have a garbage disposal in your sink. Otherwise, it is just a messy problem. It’s best just to ensure a smooth cup of coffee instead of the possibility of having a bad morning. You deserve consistency every single morning, but with the French Press, there is a chance that you won’t be able to get a daily consistent brew.

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Chemex vs. French Press

The differences between the two are staggering, very much like night and day. One lets you use gravity to brew, the other forces you to press down on a handle just to brew your morning cup properly. One is elegant and brews a smooth cup of coffee, and the other is strong and occasionally has sludge. The differences for you may not be too horrible on paper, but experiencing them can be the difference between a great and a terrible cup of coffee. Pitting them against each other is easy, there two different methods of coffee creation, two different ways to ensure a good morning. The differences between the two are clear and concise, but which one is better? Is it the French Press or is it the Chemex that comes out on top? The argument is one for the ages, a modern-day replacement for a perk coffee maker or a century’s old coffee making technique.

Weighing the pros and cons makes them both seem to pair up pretty nicely. It’s easy to see how someone would like the Chemex or French Press but when you look more closely at the pros and cons, you see that the Chemex is one of the best coffee makers. The glass makes up ensures that the coffee brewed is clean and smooth, and you have the option of disassociating the grounds completely from the coffee maker before pouring. No sludge, no oil, no bitter nastiness which the French Press doesn’t filter out. The Chemex is an amazing and simple method of coffee creation that has survived throughout ages. Of course, French Press Lovers are going to argue about this, but let’s take a further look before the argument gets out of hand. There is a clear reason why the French Press fails where the Chemex triumphs, all we have to do is look at the evidence.


The Chemex has a relatively simple process; you place the filter in, slide the grounds into it, and pour the boiling hot water over it. It does take time, but not too long before you have a perfectly smooth cup of coffee. The dripping does take a long time, but that’s the cost of ensuring that your morning is not hindered by a nasty cup of coffee. You need to be sure to have a steady and simple method of getting your coffee made in the morning, so, are you short on time, or itching for raw deliciousness? Chemex is the bringer of deliciousness. The French Press though is a completely different beast, and the difference between the beasts is the difference between the perfect cup of coffee and a difficult morning. If you’re careful, you might be able to choose the right coffee maker.

The French Press is a difficult thing to understand, you put the hot water and grounds in the same section after of course heating the French Press with boiled water to ensure the coffee stays hot. Then you press the grounds to the bottom of the French Press. Which leaves plenty of room for error, the sludge can raise up into the coffee you’re made and taint it, making it gritty and ragged. It’s best to focus on the coffee making method that makes the best cup in the morning.


The Chemex is a little lengthy to wait for, but it’s much easier to use. You simply place the filter in, place the ground coffee in the filter and pour the hot water over the grounds. After some time it drips through and brews a smooth, elegant cup of coffee. Operating the Chemex is extremely easy and simple. The French Press, on the other hand, is difficult to use and difficult to handle. You can completely control the brew time, and how strong you want your coffee, but the effort you put into making your coffee in the morning can be daunting, physically straining yourself shouldn’t be a part of your morning, and if you like strong coffee forget being able to create your cup before you have to head to work in the morning. There should be nothing in the world that stands between you and the perfect cup of coffee, every single day.


The delicious taste of the Chemex cannot be paralleled by the French Press. The French Press keeps the oil and other bitter bits right there in the coffee, where the Chemex removes them with the filter, a nice and simple method. It does take a little longer to brew, but overall it has the best taste, and when it comes to your morning wake up that is one of the most important parts. You don’t want to fight through the day after a bad cup of coffee. The taste of a Chemex is clearly, and will always be more capable than the French press, which is still an iffy brewer.
There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee especially first thing in the morning, and it’s more important to have a good cup of coffee instead of a fast cup of coffee. You can get a controlled brew, a clean brew, and an invigorating brew. The taste of the coffee can be created by brewing, filtering and sitting times. If you’re familiar with the ways to get your coffee to the perfect point, then you’ll be able to have the perfect morning every morning. It’s extremely important to ensure a consistent taste and brew. With the perfect taste and brew the different kinds of coffee available it’s important to know the difference between the different tastes and different coffee makers.


The French Press is unreliable with its brew, where with the Chemex you get the same exact brew every single time. Consistency is important when it comes to your coffee no matter what time of the night it is, and it’s even more important to be sure that you receive exactly what you expect. A lot of information has come in to help make the decision, but without a doubt, the Chemex is the better of the coffee makers. When it comes to making the perfect cup, there is a no more important way to manage than to get a Chemex. Smooth, clean, and easy to use the only real downside is the price, but can you really put a price on the perfect cup of coffee? I can’t, and that’s why I use a Chemex.

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AeroPress vs. French Press: Which is a Better Coffee Maker

Starting your day right is essential, but with the wrong coffee maker you can find yourself frustrated with how your day begins. The differences between the AeroPress and French Press are vast, though the coffee makers look similar in design. Have a French Press when you need an AeroPress , or vice versa can ruin your day before it even begins. Coffee is the start of most mornings, and many people need the kick to ensure you have the best day you could have. The differences a good cup of coffee can have to your morning vs. a bad cup of coffee in the morning is astounding. It can ensure you’re more alert, more efficient and more capable, or you can trudge through the day. The problem that’s presented though, which coffee maker can you use for different situations? What coffee maker is the best?

What is the AeroPress ?

AeroPressThe AeroPress is a small, efficient little coffee maker, lightweight and easy to clean it is portable. The French Press can’t be used wherever you are like the AeroPress can. It is a single serve brewer, so you only get one cup of coffee at a time, allowing you to personalize each and every cup. It produces clean and flavorful coffee while ensuring you can personalize your coffee your way. Extremely versatile you can use it almost anywhere, as long as you have hot water and ground coffee. The differences in the coffee ground shine through with the AeroPress, allowing you to experiment with different kinds of coffee and grounds to get the taste you like the best.

This coffee maker is born for adventure, designed to be easy to use on a boat, in the mountains, or anywhere else it’s easy to pack, clean and use and allows for an awesome morning. That efficient method of cleaning and pressing on the go allows you to tackle your adventurous side without surrendering your morning fix. The AeroPress is built out of completely BPA free plastic making it extremely durable. Lightweight and small enough to maneuver simply, it’s a great coffee maker for the adventurers.

AeroPress: Why People Love it

The AeroPress is simple enough to manage, grind the beans, add the wet filter, add the coffee to the filter, add the water, stir press and drink, it takes about 2 minutes, with the coffee only having to brew for about 60 seconds. Nice simple and easy, and portable. It’s amazing to use and useful to have. A Versatile, clean, and flavorful coffee maker that’s easy to clean, easy to use and can create your favorite coffee every time you settle in for a cup. Never go without coffee again, even when you’re out on the ocean or in the mountains, bring this portable little coffee maker, and know your mornings won’t be ruined. It’s perfect for the traveler, easy to clean, simple to use in almost any aspect and easy to manage no matter where you intend to go. You can add a heftier mesh as well, to use different coffee grounds, and the available filters keep the grounds out without a hitch. An all-around awesome coffee maker for any adventurer. The only real downside is that it brews one cup at a time, which is only a downside if you’re with other people who like the same coffee as you, if they want something different, they can brew a cup just for themselves.

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What is the French Press?

French PressThe French Press is an easy to use coffee maker, dishing out heavy cups of coffee with a rich flavor every time. It harbors a coarse grind making it easier to use and simpler to find coffee that fits and doesn’t cause issues. If you prefer a fine ground coffee, I suggest getting filters or getting a new mesh to ensure that the fine grounds don’t stay in the fresh coffee when you go to pour it. It has a simple set it and forget it design allowing you to brew while you get ready for the day. It doesn’t require a lot of prep work, and it allows you to brew multiple cups at a time, so your significant other can have their morning cup as well.

This coffee maker is best for an in house station. It can be used anywhere in your home but isn’t suggested if you’re out on adventures. The French Press can break if it’s not taken care of properly. An easy to use coffee maker with rich and delicious coffee it only takes 4 minutes minimum for an amazing cup of coffee. Made of glass and metal this coffee maker is not built for the idea of a durable coffee maker. It’s not made to go on adventures with you, and will likely break if you try to bring it. If you let it wait longer, then the coffee will be stronger, so if you like your coffee bold and rich leave it for a longer time, at least 8 minutes to get a strong flavor.

The strong flavor and ability to make a perfect cup every time makes the French Press the best coffee maker for the kitchen, ensuring that your mornings are started right every single day. With or without a filter, this coffee maker will solve a good portion of your morning problems.

By the way, the importance of a good coffee grinder cannot be overstated. I’ve researched most of the grinders on the market and listed the Top 5 Best Burr Grinders For French Press. I hope to make it easier for you to find your best option.

French Press: Why People Love it

To make the coffee, you grind the grounds, add them to the warmed French press, add the hot water, and wait a few minutes to ensure the coffee brews. After 4 minutes you press the grounds to the bottom, which allows the coffee to sit on top and be poured out into your delicious cup. You never know when getting a fresh cup of coffee fast is going to ensure you have a great morning and the fresh press is one coffee maker that you can set and forget until you’re ready to go. The French Press is dynamic, useful and easy to clean, perfect for the kitchen and an amazing addition to the household. Pack a thermos full of rich, delicious coffee, and you’ll be ready to take on whatever the world wants to throw at you. It’s such an iconic coffee brewing method that entire coffee shops dedicate their coffee making skills to the French Press and its ability. It’s rare to find a coffee shop that doesn’t have at least one French Press in it.

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The AeroPress is an amazing addition to the traveler. For those who like to experiment with different brewing styles. You can make a single cup at a time and make each cup different. You can go from coast to coast without needing to stop for your morning cup. Bringing your coffee anywhere you go is essential and ensuring that you get an awesome cup makes your mornings better.

The French Press is best for those who love a nice rich cup in the morning, who don’t plan on leaving the confines of their home. You can make several cups at a time, and you can simply set the coffee brewing, and forget about it until you’re ready for your morning cup of deliciousness.

Either addition has its pros and cons, the AeroPress can be taken anywhere but can only brew one cup, The French Press shouldn’t leave the kitchen, but can brew as many cups as you need. There are so many different coffee makers out there, but when it comes to the better coffee maker between the AeroPress and the French Press, it really is tossed up to your needs. No matter which one you choose it’s always a good idea to ensure that it’s right for you. Many people never know what kind of coffee maker to use, but between these two press focused beauties, there isn’t a way you can go wrong. They’re both stunning additions to either the travelers backpack or the kitchen table, and with either of them you can ensure a great brew.

If you’re a traveler who rarely has time to settle in their own home, who climbs mountains and crosses seas, then the AeroPress is for you. It matches your thirst for adventure and lets you keep going without having to stop for your morning cup of coffee. If you don’t like to wait fifteen minutes for a solid cup of coffee before running to the office on your regular commute than the French Press has got your morning routine covered. Wait 4 minutes, or prep and get ready to go, and take off, ready to take on the world. The differences between the two aren’t vast, but they do matter, especially when deciding which coffee maker would be the best for you. It would be wise to have both, a French Press for your mornings at home, and an AeroPress to carry with you on long trips, to ensure you have great coffee no matter where you go.

How To Froth Milk At Home

If you are a passionate lover of lattes and cappuccinos, you most definitely tried or thought about making them at home. The truth is that almost every kitchen has a tool or two needed to froth milk and make a homemade cappuccino.

What You Need to Know

Different types of milk yield different foams, which is essential to understanding the making process.

Non-fat or skimmed milk is the type best suited for your first attempts, because it yields the largest foams easily. The downside is that foam gained from non-fat or skimmed milk will not taste as good as the foam gained from other types of milk with more fat.

Also, other types of milk like organic, lactose free, soy, or similar types should not be used because their pasteurization process is  different compared to that of a classic milk, and thus these types do not froth well.

The best type of milk you should use is fresh cold milk, no more than five days old.

The best frothing results are gained by using 2% fat milk at about 150-155F. You should always do the frothing process immediately after you take you milk out of the fridge, and wait as little as possible, because the more the milk stays at room temperature, the less foam you will get.

BlenderBottle – Less Shaking With a Little Helper

Blender BottleUsing BlenderBottle instead of a milk jug has a few advantages. First of all, the BlenderBottle has a much larger and wider opening than the milk jug. You will lose less foam when pouring, and it is also easier to clean.

Also, the BlenderBottle has a nice addition called the BlenderBall, which is perfect for mixing and making shakes, dressings, and foam.

Again, please take not to still use fresh cold milk, right out of the fridge. Simply pour it and mix until you see the foam is ready. This type of foam should not be heated up afterwards in the microwave, as some other types can be.

If you do not have the BlenderBottle however, there are a few tricks you can use.

The first one is to use a tea ball infuser with any shaker bottle. Just put the tea ball in, pour the milk, and shake until you get your desired results.

Hand Blender or Whisk – Creamy Foam Without Breaking A Sweat

Hand BlenderYou can also use a whisk or a plain hand blender to froth milk. The best results are gained if you use a narrow container for the milk that is still large enough for the foam rising.

The hand blender should be used in a manner where you carefully and slowly rise and lower it during the frothing process. The process should always make that distinct fizzling sound, which means the air and the milk are mixing, and the process is complete when you get approximately double the initial contents of container.

This foam can and should be heated in your microwave, if you have one, before pouring it in your espresso.





How To Froth Milk With A French Press

French PressThe best type of milk to use is cold, full fat milk. Hot, warm, or even room temperature milk will not yield the best results, and low fat milk foam does not taste as rich as full fat one.

You should never exceed the maximum line indicator on the carafe when pouring milk, because your foam can splash out, but you also shouldn’t go too far below the line either.

After you’ve poured the milk in and started frothing, hold the small knob at the top of the plunger and pump it up and down as you froth. Do the pumping with quick and vigorous momentum, but nothing too fast and crazy.

The frothing process should take about 30 seconds approximately, but a good rule of thumb is to gain foam that is double the amount of the initial milk poured in.

After the frothing is finished remove the plunger and place the carafe in your microwave. If there is excess foam on the plunger, tap it off back into the rest of the foam, so that it does not go to waste.

It goes without saying that the plunger is not to be left in and heated up in the microwave. Make sure you are using a glass carafe, and check the indicators to see if it is safe for the microwave process. Put the microwave on high temperature and leave it in for about 30 seconds or less, depending on the power of your oven.

After the heating is over, you should get the froth that is stiff, with fine bubbles and a silky feel. This means it won’t melt easily and it will stay on longer, preferably until the last sip of your coffee.

The correct way of pouring the froth into your coffee should be done carefully, using a spoon to hold the froth at first so that the milk comes out first. Then, after you’ve poured enough milk, remove the spoon and let the froth come down too. Sweeten your coffee to suite your desire before you pour the froth.

Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk FrotherThis is the simplest and easiest way of making milk froth at home, for this appliance has the settings for your desired foam types. If you want a creamy froth, choose the latte setting. Or, if you want more foam, set it to the cappuccino. Pour your milk in and select the desired temperature, because this device will also heat up your foam, meaning you will not need to use the microwave. The device will stop working automatically after it reaches the selected temperature. You can make froth for up to three cups of coffee.

I have a post of Top 5 Best Milk Frother. You will find out what is the best milk frother and why.

My Conclusion About Frothing

I’ve ranked all these devices and methods by the quality of the foam they produce, and by convenience.

The automatic electric milk frother would be the winner obviously, but it is not something most people have at home, because it is a professional appliance mostly seen in cafes or restaurants.

So, if we only count those methods most people can easily have and do at home, the French Press comes at number one. The hand whisk method is at number two, but it is more likely that everyone has it at home, though the French Press is no hard to come by.
Both these methods produce a foam that is smooth and has tiny micro bubbles.

The BlenderBottle is at number three, because its foam is not that perfect, but it still is smooth and creamy.

Milk Froth Vs. Steamed Milk – Is There A Difference?

Although both types of milk are used for improving the taste of your coffee, there are large differences between steamed and frothed milk.
The process can be made using the same or similar tools, but the process is different, and there lies the difference.

Frothed milk has much more air and bubbles, and is naturally lighter, while steamed milk has less air, is heavier and denser, and as a result does not have much froth. More milk is consumed for steamed milk, while frothed milk yields at least three times the amount of the initial amount.

These differences of course mean that they are used for different types of beverages.

Top 5 Best Burr Grinders For French Press

The most common question I hear when discussing coffee grinders for French Press is, why do I need the best?  After all, there are many quality grinders to choose from that can get the job done.

In short, if you want a perfectly balanced cup of joe, you need the best burr grinder available.  And given all the choices out there, it’s easy to wind up with a coffee grinder that doesn’t deliver.

Take it from me.  As a geek from Coffee Gear Lab, I’ve researched most of the grinders on the market.  And I’ve put together this post to make it easier for you to find your best option.

What Is a Conical Burr Grinder? And How Is It Different From Other Coffee Grinders?

The conical burr grinder gives you the most flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.  This is because the conical grinder works more slowly than other grinders.  In so doing, it grinds your coffee beans with greater consistency and better preserves the oils and aromas contained in the beans.

What’s the best grind size for French Press coffee?

In order to make the best French Press, you need to grind the beans so that they are coarse, but not too coarse.  If it’s too coarse, you will get a weak cup of coffee because much of the flavor will remain trapped.

But if you grind it up too finely, when you brew the coffee it will accumulate in your mesh filter and clog it up.  You don’t want to deal with a clogged filter because it’s harder to press and causes coffee spills and even breakages.  And worse, the extra resistance could make the mesh filter rip open and flood your cup of coffee with a mass of coffee grind.

In addition, if your grind is too fine it will sneak through the mesh filter and saturate your cup of coffee, even if the mesh doesn’t rip open.  On top of being annoying, this will make your coffee brew overtime and taste bitter.

The key is to make it just coarse enough so that the coffee grind gets completely caught by the mesh filter when you brew the coffee and you are able to capture the most flavor.  In order to attain this with many quality grinders, just set it to medium or higher, or select something above the drip setting.

So let’s get to my list of the best burr grinders.

Best Burr Grinders For French Press

#1Mazzer Coffee GrinderMazzer Mini Espresso GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#2Rancilio Espresso Coffee GrinderRancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#3Baratza Coffee GrinderBaratza 586 Virtuoso Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#4Capresso Coffee GrinderCapresso 560.01 Burr GrinderBuyFromAmazon
#5JavaPresse Manual Coffee GrinderJavaPresse Manual Coffee GrinderBuyFromAmazon

#1 Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Coffee GrinderSimply put, this is the very best coffee grinder for home use on the market, both for French Press, and for anything else.

The Mazzer Mini is a serious commercial grinder, but it’s small enough for home use.  It’s built like a tank, and every component is robust and replaceable.  This machine is designed to last a lifetime.

Though it’s perfect for French Press, it was designed with espresso in mind and features a doser on the front that dispenses coffee in single-shot amounts.  But you can simply adjust the dosing mechanism to control how much coffee comes out every time.

As for grinding, with the Mazzer Mini you will get a uniform grind.   It has stepless adjustment, so you simply twist right or left to determine how coarse you want it.

Considering how many people have upgraded from the Rancilo Rocky to the Mazzer Mini, feel free to skip the next item on my list and go ahead and order the Mazzer Mini.

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#2 Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Espresso Coffee GrinderThis is more low-end as far as commercial grinders go, and it offers incredible value.  It is one of the top grinders available for home use, and its price cannot be beat for such high quality.  On top of this, the Rancillo comes with a 2-year warranty.

It is a well-built machine that contains little plastic and stays firmly planted on your kitchen counter.

As with the Mazzer Mini, the Rancillo was designed with espresso in mind and therefore does not offer a particularly coarse grind.  But remember, to make the best French Press you only want it to be coarse enough, and you can achieve this delicate balance by setting the Rancillo to 25-30 on its 55 notch settings.

This grinder operates a little differently than other models in that it requires you to collect the grounds by placing a cup underneath the spout.  You set the process in motion by holding a switch – simple and elegant.

While the Rancillo is a fine product, it has its flaws.  The hopper is tinted to keep the beans fresh, but it isn’t airtight.  It also leaves some leftover grounds.  But don’t let this hold you back.  Since the beans do not travel very far, most of them can be removed just by tapping the sides or inserting a curved brush through the spout and into the machine.

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#3 Baratza 586 Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Baratza Coffee GrinderThe Baratza Virtuoso is one of my favorite choices.  It has a metal casing which makes it heavy, solid, and stable.  And yet it can easily be removed and cleaned, no hassle.

This machine features 40 different grind settings, affording you a wide array of choices.  You can make it fine enough for Turkish and espresso or keep it sufficiently coarse for French Press and drip.  In addition, you can easily switch the settings while you are brewing your coffee.  With the Baratza Virtuoso, you will get a consistently good grind for most brewing methods.  And it is refreshingly easy to use, even if you’re a newbie to brewing.

Any confusion or problems?  Head right over to the Baratza web site for detailed instructions on how to re-calibrate the grinder to ensure it works smoothly.


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#4 Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder

Capresso Coffee GrinderIf you’re on a budget, this is your best bet from the bunch, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Capresso most consistently delivers an adequately coarse grind compared with anything you will find in this price range.  It’s a conical burr grinder and has a high torque, low-speed motor.  These mechanisms preserve the beans’ flavor by keeping them cool.  You will find no such combination of components in other grinders in this price range.

The Capresso also boasts an 8-½ ounce box to catch your grounds, so fear not if you wish to make larger French Presses.

Though a great deal, the Capresso is not perfect.  After you use it there will usually be a good deal of grind left in the chamber.  You can dislodge some of it by simply tapping and shaking, but if you want a great fresh brew every time you will need to clean the chamber after each use.  But don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes.

Personal tips: out of all 16 settings, set it at 13.  Also, as you open the grinder container you might find some grounds flying across your counter due to static.  This is standard for grinders at this price range.  To reduce this, just tap the sides, this will knock the grind back to where the bulk of the residue lies, and so less will pop out when you open it.

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#5 JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee GrinderThis nifty little gadget is a pleasure to use.  At a mere $25, this impressive little baby outperforms far more expensive blade grinders.  It is gorgeous, and the stainless steel look will make you want to bring it with you wherever you go.

But it really belongs in your kitchen.  And it can only be described as the French Press soul mate.  To be clear, this is not the right product if you’re looking for an espresso maker or a standard drip machine.  But when it comes to French Press it will deliver just the right coarseness of grind.  So long as you don’t mind putting in a little effort, this manual grinder is fun to use.

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5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Best Coffee Grinder For French Press


To make the best cup of coffee, you need a machine that will consistently grind up the coffee beans so that all the grains come out in the same size.

Cheaper grinders usually fail on this count.  For example, blade mills, which are typically found in cheaper grinders, use fast spinning blades that indiscriminately cut through any beans in its path.  This approach will leave you with uneven grains.

The burr grinder, on the other hand, methodically and evenly crushes beans with a high-torque, low-speed mechanism.  It also generates little heat, which preserves the coffee’s aroma.

But not all burr grinders are created equal.  Some are more geared towards fine grains and espressos, while others are designed to make a killer French Press with coarse grains.  And some can’t get the job done altogether, since they produce an uneven grind.


The noise comes from two sources—the burr and the motor.  The burr makes noise as it grinds the coffee beans, and the motor loudly rotates.  The lower the speed at which the burr grinds and the motor rotates, the less noise.  When it comes to noise, manual coffee grinders are your best choice.


The process of grinding up beans causes static to build up in the grains, which can consequently come flying out at you when you open the chamber to pour the coffee into your cup.  The more high-end models are built to reduce or eliminate this unpleasantness.

Leftover grounds

With some grinders there will be grains leftover in the chamber after use.  If you seek a great cup of joe you are advised to avoid reusing leftovers.


Keeping you grinder clean is essential to maintaining top grind quality and protecting the interior of the machine from damage.  The cleaner your grinder, the longer it will last.  For this reason it is advisable to find a grinder that can easily be removed.

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